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Surprising Health Benefits From Foods You’re Told Are Bad For You

With health being all important and very topical, we are often taught what foods we should and should not eat. However, in between what we have been taught is good for us are some food that we’ve been told are bad for us that in actual fact do have health benefits.



Dark chocolate has been proven to reduce risk of heart disease, as chocolate is originally made from a natural seed.

Red Wine


Studies have shown that if consumed in small amounts, red wine can have lots of health benefits including helping your heart.



Crisps are notoriously an unhealthy food but baked crisps or veggie crisps are a perfect way to fix the cravings and also get that yummy snack. Veg crisps can count as your five a day so you’re getting that all important nutrients.



When people think of carbs they often quickly link pasta which is assumed to be really bad for you. However, especially brown pasta is a good way to fulfil that food group in a healthy way.



Coffee is often assumed to be bad for you because of the caffeine content in the hot drink but black coffee has been linked to speeding up the metabolism and increasing in weight loss.

Frozen Veg


People often think frozen veg lacks in nutrients and is not as healthy as fresh, but scientists have actually found very minimal differences between frozen veg to fresh.



Bacon is notoriously high in fats and salt, but is super healthy if eaten with a slight variant such as having turkey bacon which is far leaner and contains less fat.


sexual health benefits of nuts

If you read the back of a nuts packet you might be shocked by how high in fat and oil they are but what people don’t know, is that because of its structure our bodies can’t break them down enough while digesting to be able to absorb a fraction of those fats.

Fruit Juice


Lots of fruit juices are from concentrate so are high in sugars. However, natural fruit juice is a great and tasty way to get your essential 5 a day in and provide a healthy drink.


secret benefits of salt

Salt is an essential part of our diet and in healthy amounts is an important element to keep our bodies healthy and heart pressure regular.qa111111qa



Cheese is a healthy food in smaller quantities. It is a great source of calcium and fats but has gained a bad reputation from being processed and eaten in large amounts.



Processed white bread is what has given bread the bad unhealthy reputation. However, if you opt for a brown, seeded, wholemeal bread then you are consuming a great energy food that will keep you full and be healthy at the same time.

Pop Corn

benefits of eating pop corns
image via pixabay

Popcorn found in your local cinema would in fact be very unhealthy, but if you homemade a batch then this is the perfect low calorie treat is low calorie option to enjoy a treat.


sex benefits of avocado


Avocado has nearly 85% fat in their average calorie amount. This to many is shocking and would be assumed to make you gain weight, however, fats are part of an all-important food group and the fat within avocado is natural, unprocessed and good for you.

Egg Yolk

secret benefits of eating eggs

The yolk of an egg has gained quite a bad reputation recently, as being the part that contains the majority of fats and calories. Whilst this is true, they should not be cut out as these fats are all important healthy fats that make up a good diet.

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Surprising Health Benefits From Foods You’re Told Are Bad For You

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