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The San Diego Police Dog Refuses To Respond to Command & This Happened

San Diego, CA — A Californian Facebook user namedvAngel Nunez recorded and shared the video footage of the San Diego police taking a black man into custody just infront of his workplace.

The footage clearly shows he was very harshly treated as the dog would not stop. Nunez recorded the two videos to show how some people get treated.

Angel Nunez describes the incident as:

“So today at work I was able to capture this go down. This K-9 officer had no control of his K-9. There is something definitely wrong with this picture. The officer doesn’t seem to have the proper training. Also that dog is not we’ll trained……”

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  1. Play stupid games with the Cops or K9, you win stupid prizes..
    I have an idea, don’t give the officers or K9 a reason to put your ass on the pavement.
    Don’t break the law or be a dick to a peace officer.
    Oh yeah to my critics, who gives a damn about a thug….

  2. San Diego. The city of crooked cops and crooked judges. Neither support the constitution, uphold the laws, nor protects the citizens. They love to beat, threaten and terrorize women and children. They worse than any gang member. Because they are their own gangster organization.

  3. Seriously. I’ve been bit by a German Shepherd and I’m shocked that he isn’t bleeding way worse then that. I was loosing blood fast. This is crazy. That dog was not trained well enough. There are commands to make them release. That dog didn’t want to let go.

  4. This guy talking about his dog been train is just another liberal idiot . Why don’t you mind your own business for once this dogs are police dog and are train to protect our man in blue and people that need help from thug like these one .

  5. Marine why did you take the dog away from the guy from some f****** piece of s*** let the dog Tara freaking arm up you’re probably going to get sued cops are doing their jobs he’s a great kid he’s a great community service person he goes to church sure just f****** shot his ass probably some f****** heroin dealer they put Gilmore drug dealers then we won’t have to decide in court and pay all this money for some scumbag

    1. So your premise is that bitching means you should leave rather than comment on it, and yet you took the time to also bitch 😉

      The problem is that police offices these days have broad authority on handling situations, and even when they act outside of the scope of their authority because they are such a vital asset to the courts the courts can’t touch them… that’s not a good setup for anyone… black or white.

      It’s not an officers job to punish, it’s their job to apprehend.

  6. Notice the guy with the video always comes late! What did the guy do to get bit! Probably ran or put up a fight! That dog was trained well! Fucker runs or fights bite his ass and hang on! Good dog!

    1. Miranda Gano Oh no! Not the Facebook grammar police! Correcting someone grammar on Facebook for something as minuscule as that means you have no like and You’re not only an idiot but pathetic too!

  7. Doesn’t matter what he did the guy was on the floor and he still let that dog bite him,hopefully someone you know or hopefully one of your relatives go through this so you can say”only if he’d just listened”then you’ll be playing a different tune

    1. Christal Simon ashamed of what? I think maybe the dog could have been pulled off sooner, but otherwise than that, I’m not ashamed. Oh, & if you are insinuating racism, that’s one thing I’m not! If the criminal had been white, the dog would have bit just as hard. Folks shouldn’t put themselves in that position!

  8. Can’t believe all these fucking stupid ignorant white people makes me ashamed to be white.

    Added note, all the racist people look inbred as fuck go fuck your sister and leave the existential critical thinking to the scholars.

  9. It looks more like the dog could see he was resisting and stepped in, the video is so short, so it’s hard to tell, typical though start recording once the cops are trying to get them on the ground and not what led up to it.

  10. It is because of stupid shit like this that cops get bad rap. It was uncalled for and just plain ignorant and abusive. The dog needs a new handler because sooner or later this dog will get killed because of him. Cops need to just assume they a videos every time they do anything.

  11. The k9 officer was doing his job, perhaps if the ppl in the background stfu & myob (& get that other dog out of there) the k9 wud have done a better job and let go, but no! U all got to put ur 2 cents in all the time next time myob! Instead of disturbing and disrupting an arrest.

    1. Aren’t you lucky it wasn’t your son … The dog didn’t release on the command!! U might view the video. You better go visit your Mother!! I bet you don’t have good relationship with her ? with your disrespectful mouth.

  12. Those Dogs respond to their Handler…

    He was doing what he was told to do….

    Not the Police Dog Fault…

    They used excessive force even though the Guy was handcuffed…

    Instructing the Dog to attack was not necessary…
    He was already restrained….

    Video says it all….

  13. It’s a simple solution. Don’t break the law. Does a well drawn out plan always have the same results? No. So quite moaning about that stupid fella getting arrested……. if your doing something bad enough to have a K-9 unit let loose on you, you deserve the pain and discomfort that your crime has accosted you.

    1. never! My kids are made well aware of the threat of Islam, my father is a prison guard and my brother served in the army, I’m not against police at all there great but in this single instance, I think it’s wrong, can people not judge on a single case by case scenario and not be called far left/far right ect?

  14. You know are cracks me up it seems like everybody is trying to videotape the cops while they do their job. Although I do know that there are bad elements in the police department just like in any profession these guys are trying to do their job back off let him do what they got to do. And if you’re so worried about the guy being bitten then maybe you should step back so the situation can deescalate for all you know you standing there and interacting with the officers while they’re trying to do their job is just amping up the tension that’s already there and the K-9 is going to respond to that. Why don’t you go and videotape criminals in the act of doing what they’re doing so we can correct that problem then you won’t have to worry about the police at all

    1. No never heard that one… It’s my understanding people came here from Europe primarily England to escape the Catholic religion and to practice their own which was called Christianity. Man of we strayed A Long Way since then.

  15. How is it good that the dog is locked on him and he’s already in handcuffs? Everybody tlkn bout don’t do the crime and don’t even know what happened just stfu. Yall white mfs shooting up schools and churches raping your own kids and nothing never happens like this. Dumb crackers

    1. Only watched two seconds. He’s handcuffed and not even fighting back physically or verbally. Smh. I’m tired of POC getting tortured while white boys will shoot up schools killing masses & are walking out detained, alive and unharmed.

    2. Don’t blow your pace maker Rosalie Lind. Fact of the matter is the man was already face down and handcuffed, and the officer could not control and get his dog to release. So how about you put your dentures in and shut your mouth and and put your glasses on.

    1. Good at it? The dog has no obedience, is poorly trained, and will likely cost the department a significant amount of money in a lawsuit. No one has ever accused you fine folks of being geniuses have they? A good dog bites as instructed and releases as instructed. When was the correlation established between facebook speech patterns and employment? I cant believe someone had the nerve to say a naughty word on the internet, how terrible.

  16. Those dogs are extremely well trained and directory my smart you only saw a little bit of the incident that dog obviously wanted to deliver a message still felt that that man was some kind of a threat so that dog felt that in that man’s spirit and his psyche that if he could get to his owner or another bystander he would still do harm the dog did nothing wrong people need to get over it if you break the law you’re going to pay a price

    1. Lol, nice response. Where is the court record that shows he is the wrong person? Guess what, a cop isn’t liable just because they arrest the wrong person. They typically don’t just let the dog out for no reason either. Post the link to a credible source where I can see he was the wrong person, and then I might not call him a criminal. However, resisting arrest is a crime even if the cop was mistaken as to that person’s identity. I’ll wait.

    2. You’re missing the point of what he’s saying. He lost control of that dog dipshit. The dog is trained to attack specific areas and listen to instruction. So if he wasn’t listening to instruction what if the dog went for a more vital area? Or tore open a vein in the wrist he was biting? The dog could have killed him. And it would’ve been an innocent man.

    3. I’m still waiting to see the court record that shows his innocence. I understand completely what they are saying, but I also don’t see the entirety of the events. I see a small clip of what actually happened during the video. I also see someone being cuffed. Where is the video showing him losing control of the dog. He may not have been able to get him off immediately but that is not uncommon. The cop would not be criminally liable either way. Even an innocent person resisting is a crime. My point is that no one has shown where the man was innocent or where control was lost. We see a short clip.

  17. Number 1.Ok so … I think that the dog needs more training because he didn’t listen on command.
    Number 2. Why was he arrested ? For doing good?
    Number 3. Why must there always be ignorant people filming and so annoying … annoying as hell. Shut up and just film.
    Number 4. Why didn’t you film the whole arrest beginning to end . You wanna make the cops look bad.
    I don’t necessarily side with police but this racism stuff is so old.

  18. The police officer show train that dog better luckily nobody got hurt or injured but I was the officer who trained that dog I owe the man he arrested an apology and hope the officer get suspended we’re not controlling his dog

  19. Dogs are train to release on command, but if they don’t it easy, you choke him and his mouth will open to breath, one of the first things they teach you at K9 school, I don’t think the cop knew what to do by watching

    1. That is not the correct way, and I was a dog handler in the service, you grab it by the throat and squeeze til it opens its mouth to breath, it will release and you pull it away, not yank up on its chain, that is the way they teach you

    1. Maybe he did have it coming, the dog did do what it is trained to do,the HANDLER could not control his dog and get it to release, think about it, would you want the dog to chew on you, your kid while the handler can’t get control of his K9, I wouldn’t

  20. There is NO EXCUSE to have a Police Dog that want FOLLOW commands. NOW I bet that dog ALONG with his handler want get any TRAINING because of what happen. You RACIST think it’s funny or acceptable until it’s a White Person being bitten. Hopefully this guy will SUE the city for BIG BUCKS…

    1. There’s a reason they had the dog on him. I simply don’t care anymore. With people murdering cops in cold blood, I’m all for them having shoot on sight orders. I mean, it’d save the taxpayers millions on funding prisoners

  21. Well I’m just wondering what happened to the command directing the dog to stand down????? Something isn’t adding up! But one thing is certain… Everything was wrong about that arrest in the final seconds before the dod finally let off… It looks as though this cop has never worked with animals and isn’t trained… Atleast not with this dog..

    1. Judging by some of the comments I think many people would like to have lived in Ancient Rome the way they bay for other people’s blood. Never fear people’s , in the end u reap what u sow and one day u or ur children will b treated the same, c how u like this brutality then, enjoy!

    1. Hahaha, you are a very uptight fuck to say what you do, but seriously, I don’t care about you god damn victims, definitely when you’re innocent people are shit too, it only what you choose to fucking see. The dog should have bee shot off his arm, even the cops said get back, they know the dogs a public fucking danger. But yeah , okay, bow to government and the high power, they’re cops, so it’s okay.???

    1. Thats an american k9 team they dont do verbal they do jaw pressure releases to minimise re latching. Countries, breeds and professions of course differ but you cant generalise this very specific situation.

    1. Dusty Clark What I am saying is I know it was deemed protocol, but the video is 1:20 seconds long of this guy on the ground handcuffed and it is wrong. What I am saying is that they need to change it a little bit so the guy isn’t mauled by the dog after laying down AND being handcuffed.

  22. Fark people are stupid, you want to have an opinion dont watch the end of something and assume you know what your talking about. This is on point procedure and is working very well. You morons dont even know what you are looking at.

  23. I HATE those No good Cops, Why would they let that dog do that. That’s why when they get they @$$ Killed, I don’t feel sorry for them, nor their no good family . I Pray that they all get everything Back to them that those dog ass Cops do. I Hate them, and I Pray that God get them back and He shall. We are going to hear about it soon.

    1. Corina Curiel, I know who I am and who’s I am. I don’t need no Cop that we act like that. You need to understand how my God works for me. He is who holds my future. Not a Hater Bitch Ass Cop, Fuck him Bitch and you. Let that same dirty Cop beat your Bitch Ass, and tell you are your family members, he going to Shot them. Once again, I don’t own no body nothing, because I got Jesus for myself and I don’t give a Damn what nobody else think. Because, Nobody on earth is perfect, No, Not One. So kiss my Christian Ass, and Die you Bitch. Fuck the Cops, and anything that happens I’m in a Stand your ground State and I Shall do just that, Fuck the Whore Ass Cops. Bitches.

    1. Dusty Clark awww…actually your comment is asinine as I made sure to include that the guy was compliant DURING THIS VIDEO. Lawson DTmoore, he probably just suffers from a poor self-image and belittling others makes him feel really special. Good thing I don’t need his validation. Lol. #growtfupdude #readingISfundamental #comprehensionhelpstoo


The San Diego Police Dog Refuses To Respond to Command & This Happened

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