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Egyptians Are Angry With Angelina Jolie Over This

A verbal war ensued between Sudan and Egypt ever since the American actress, Angelina Julie, has decided to make a movie on Sudan’s history. The controversy started when Sudan claimed to be the oldest civilization, to which Egypt reacted quite strongly claiming that their civilization was the oldest as itdated back to 7,000 years. Another dispute concerning the authenticity of the pyramids in each country, has also arisen.

The controversy started when the United Nations ambassador, a Qatari Princess visited the pyramids of Sudan calling Sudan the oldest civilization. The dispute became intense when Qatar decided to support Sudan financially, to restore its historical architecture.

Sudanese pyramids in the background:

Although the Sudanese pyramids are in ruins but still they have historical importance.

Egypt’s point of view:
According to BBC Egypt alleges that if Qatar decides to help Sudan then this will affect its tourism industry. Ridiculing the Sudanese pyramids the Egyptian media calls them ‘cheese triangles’.


Sudan’s point of view:

While the Sudanese think that they deserve more attention and tourism as their pyramids are 2,000 years older than those in Egypt. Sudan also has more pyramids 230 while Egypt has 138.

The Bone of Contention:

Egypt and Sudan have been rivals for quite sometime and there has been conflict over other issues as well like the Nile river water, the chaos in Libya, relations with the other Gulf States and Sudan’s links with Islamist’s.

The Sudanese president has also claimed that Egypt was back-stabbing their country during the occupation in the mid 1990.


Sudan has reacted in a positive way:

Meanwhile Sudan’s stance towards the whole controversy has been very calculated and somber .  They have started a campaign ‘Know Sudan’ in which they raise awareness about the country and its heritage.

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Egyptians Are Angry With Angelina Jolie Over This

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