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13 Celebrities Who Would Make Perfect Best Friend

Not that were not totally in love with our real best friends, but imagine if Simon Cowell was your best friend and you holidayed in the Bahamas together and brought matching high waisted jeans. Wouldn’t that be great? That’s the stuff dreams are made of. Here are 17 celebrities who would make the perfect best friend…

1. Katherine Ryan –because what are best friends for if not to make you laugh till you cry?

katherine ryan wiki
via katherine ryan

2. Nigella Lawson- Nights in would take on a whole new meaning. Think chocolate cakes, homemade sponges and tarts.

nigella lawson facts

3. Victoria Beckham- Never again would you have the last minute ‘I have nothing to wear’ scare. This woman has style advice and plenty of clothes on offer.

victoria beckham cheating
via USA Today

4. Taylor Swift- Because loyalty is key and Swift has had the same bestie since high school.

taylor swift meme

5. Richard Branson- Because you’d be fist on the list to go to space.

richard branson facts

6. James McAvoy, Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender- because you could create your own best friends dance like this one.

hugh jackman james mcavoy michael fassbender

7. Jennifer Lawrence- Honesty is kind of her thing. And she loves food. What more could you ask for?

oscar meme jennifer lawrence I am hungry
13 Celebrities Who Would Make Perfect Best Friend 14

8. Bill Murray. Never a dull moment, every day would be an adventure.

bill murray memes

9. Fearne Cotton. Because we’ve all listened to her on the radio and thought how nice it would be to have a cuppa and a chat.

Fearne Cotton Huggies
crummy crummy

10. Michelle Obama. Obviously because she’s an incredibly powerful lady, but she also is passionate about fitness and equality. Plus, imagine the parties at the White House.

barrack michelle obama memes

11. Sir Ian Mckellan- because imagine the stories Gandalf has to tell… and just look at that smile.

Ian Mckellan Lord of The Rings Galndalf
Image huffpost

12. Paloma Faith. Road trip playlist? Taken care of. We’ve also secretly always wanted bright red hair, hair twins with Paloma? Life goals.

Paloma Faith Road trip
Image Dawgz

13. You’d have to live with the knowledge that your best friend is infinitely cooler than you… but we reckon it’d be worth it to hang around with Kat Von D and her High Voltage pals.

Kat Von D best friends
Image Speaker Data

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13 Celebrities Who Would Make Perfect Best Friend

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