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A Trump Supporter Believes She Knows The Truth That People Fail to

This lady dashes off everyone else who thinks Trump is a wrong person for the country. She reveals a lot about how the country has been reduced to the lowest ebb in every field. Her views about liberal class are astonishing.

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  1. Sweetheart , your Excellent view is perfect, the story is a bit Deeper, Look up where all this SHIT, START FROM. Look up EVIL Of ROTHSCHILD, THE RICHEST Famous Family On the Plant. And then Look Up The TROLLS , that work for them, George Soros, the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Paul Ryan, ETC.

  2. You go girl you keep telling the Truth they cry crock tears it all fake they for got how to act so they have to make their money by misleading and making up Lies about trump so they can get their buzz for today since trump is building a wall their is no way to get their fix .

  3. They are so afraid President Trump will succeed and all of The Democrats Deeds will be brought into the light. America will know that The Politician, Republicans include have not been serving the voters but rather only themselves.

  4. Awesome!!
    She is so right! These people who play make believe for a living making millions of dollars living in gated communities with walls around their personal property telling us how we should live! I find it laughable!! Thank you for this!!

  5. Everything you say is the absolute truth ! We don’t believe these idiots have a right to keep trying to force their political views down our throats every time they’re in front of a microphone! So just shut up ! We’re not listening to you overpaid ( not living in the real world) celebrities.

  6. Horse crap. I can’t remember an election that “Hollywood” didn’t voice an opinion about.
    Bitch ain’t nothing but an Aunt Thomasina.
    I can’t help but wonder how far up Trumps ass she had to dig for this load of crap.

  7. Trump supporters! There is a “Spirit of America” pro-Trump rally coming up on 3/4/17. These rallies will be held all over America on the same date and time. For more information on YOUR state rally just google: Spirit of America rallies. Thx

  8. Most Actors are not leaders like a lot of people thank they are. I have only seen just a very few that I would consider being a leader for the people. So I say follow your own heart and mind. Just you hear it on the Tv or on radio or read it somewhere it’s probably not the whole story and maybe not even the whole truth.. You come out better if find the truth your self……..

  9. You dear lady are so wrong…. you are one of the people he hates !!!! You need to remember he has no use for you or any other black /brown or Hispanic. Trust me he would stick it up you ass as soon as look at you. And just for your information Barack Obama kept us from a depression that Mr Bush had us in…Obama did what he had to do alone because THE GOP told the day of the annauguration they were not going to help him with anything, aand that is exactly what they did. He has accomplished more than anyone will admit .
    And Lisa Shilice hit the nail on the head.

    1. Do you home work and research who is Margaret Sanger who Hillary calls her mostly admired woman, who and her speech said, Latinos, Jews and color people are like humans weeds, should be exterminated, she is also co founder of planned parenthood, every year 1.3 children’s get aborted and USA 65% African Americans, Hillary calls Robert Bird her mentor he is the great dragon of kkk. And 2008 against Obama was against immigrants and homosexual and want build a wall. Also Hillary and one her speech said Christian should denied they faith, go u tube and research about this woman I mentioned and also Robert bird. When you and there reserch about the trafficking of children’s for sex slaves and for cults that they been killed Hillary is part of, check the history of Cathy O’Brien also about pizzagate who Hillary people is been part. Stop watching CNN, MSNBC they fake news.

    2. I don’t like Clinton, I don’t like Trump never have. To me the perfect President would be Mr Colin Powell, but his wife was to afraid. He has all the credentials to be in that position. Don’t tell me to do my home work your talking about people that I would never even waste my time like you did.
      Plus you need a english/Grammer lessons. You sentence structure is

    3. I love how Colleen Fitzpatrick tells that guy that he needs lessons in English and grammar! Her post has been edited twice and it is still wrong!!! Come on, if you are going to call someone out for something at least make sure you have your own shit together. Lol

    4. Colleen your grammar is not perfect either but who cares that is just deflecting which was all Clinton did through the election. Trump was elected because he got so many votes from minorities. Liberals are simply hateful and angry they didn’t get their way.

    1. Trump is a hero trinkets business man. He has filed for chapter 11 a number of times. He has how many people have tried to sue him because he hasn’t paid them for work they have completed. Oh and he hasn’t divulge his taxes. He is rich not wealthy, there is a huge difference.

  10. Think about it people this lady is Right director the been paid or the getting promises. And most of these actors are low class and have no morals the only thing they have is money yes I voted for Trump and proud of it most of America voted for him.

  11. Blaming obama for the toilet America was in due to the Bush administration is so stupid I want to spit!! It was the repulsive war hungry republicans that wanted more funding for the military, itching for a war to fight. It was the credit card wars that gave credit to people that were fighting the constant raises in taxes and gouging price all across the board, that they ended up losing the houses and cars they’d bought with it. Once you people taste money you become republicans and want to skirt your responsibilities for your fellow man that you charge 5.00 for a small loaf of bread, and expect to get a hour long haircut for 5.00! He wants to stop the EPA!! He wants to stop healthcare for our people.

  12. I never heard such b******* in my life madam. Either you must have had your head in another planet perhaps your anus. But this country was hurting badly or do you not remember that. Actors are actors we don’t need them for moral compass.. What do we have now, a clown that wants you to believe everything he says he was first in class nobody has any records of that five deferments others at the die because he refused to serve his country no madam go back and get your money back, from whom ever as been coaching you. Get your money back from Donald Trump what’s a matter U…

  13. Actors are given a script when they are acting in a movie,a play,etc. Trump is a proven liar who will take any and every position that is convenient in the moment.He is a fake populist and a failed businessman who is always and only for himself and his own.One of his business models is to not pay those who have done work for him,leaving them to sue as their only alternative,which inevitably leads to them settling for much less than they originally contracted for.He’s a bluffer,a bully and a fraud.

    1. That’s a pile of garbage!! A friend of mine used to be contracted by him. She never saw this!! Make it up as you go, liberals and keep spreading lies as they ALL will catch up with you one day, every single lie!!!! Karma is hell to pay and God will demand you stand up and speak of what you did

    1. I agree, Madonna’s statement was so dangerous and inappropriate. I believe in free speech, but she carries a responsibility because of who she is as a celebrity. She should be held accountable for that statement. It wasn’t like she was sitting at home bullshitting wirh friends in private, spilling her frustrations. Trump sits in an even bigger and more responsible seat now. What he chooses to say matters more than anyone’s and that is one of the reasons he needs to accountable for his statements as well.

    1. I can only imagine the role you play. The role of a delusional coward who refuses to come to grips with the reality of the way things are. All the protest in the world will not change what is. But you and many people like you will get a clear view of what reality really is. I don’t hate you I pity you.. for you are hopelessly lost in your own delusional mind.

    2. That’s what colonization is lies are about forcing ones views and dominance of indigenous culture and way of life . You white black Moors hate for us Indigenous people to find out about your lies and your hate for us . You didn’t achieve your master plan of making the world Moor ! Or prophecy say that we will become mighty and great and destroy the evil man “SALT WATER WET BACKS” from across the great waters !

    1. You are only wasting your time. These people feel entirely too safe in their own delusional apocracy. There is always someone telling them what to think how to feel. And they blindly follow these people and they will continue to blindly follow these people. Right up to their very demise. We should not be angry towards them. We should pity them. There’s no greater suffering then those who choose to remain in ignorant Bliss

    1. Gather facts or remain stupid. To supress the media is a making of a dictator. It is troubling that this person deals with a dictator Putin that has a reputation and so on..and he hates everyone. It’s apt to you. He is not in his right mind. He create compleye chaos to the world.

  14. Fuck you blinded ass people, you think Clinton would have done better then you’re a fucking moron idiot and most of you ran down your mommas leg you fucking retard… Give the man a chance unless you think you can do better you bunch of fucking pussies…

  15. I wish we could have a one on one because your pansy ass would shut up then, you sissies think obutthole was all that then look at our dept and blame that on trump you blinded idiots… Fuck off too if you have a comment…

  16. Well I don’t know” actors go to school to become actors” they have the right to express there options” being on a TV platform, we must respond to the Trump madness. When it gets worse, and Trump is caught in an illegal scandal” then I want to here Miss Colorado.

    1. Dave Piccinin let’s see here:
      Broke one-china policy, but then agreed to it after he got his name brand approved in China.
      Allows Russia to test peace treaty by testing missiles. Trump silent. Has spy ship 70miles of coats of Delaware. Trump silent. Have a fighter jet buzz near by as well. Trump silent once again.
      Uses unsecured Android phone. Staff use unsecured private email servers.
      Son uses SSSA to be body guard while going on a business trip
      The First lady doesn’t live in White House, lives in trump tower for 1.4million a day to protect her.
      Consistently business ties with Russia and other countries, while breaking the emolument clause. He didn’t put his busssiness in a true blind trust, thus why the ACLU has filed a lawsuit.
      Has made up 3 massacres with silence of lies to get out of thier lie. All to keep this Muslim ban justified.
      Has a long history of fraud, racketeering, sexual assault alligations/hush money for allegations. Not to mention how he screwed many small businesses owners.
      He lied about his 1 million dollar loan from daddy. It was a few million and then he inherited 100+ million estate.
      He doesn’t get breifings anymore because the intelligence community doesn’t trust him and found Putin tapped into our situation room.
      3 people have had to resign from his administration for having involvement with Russians illegally.
      Has a fascist agenda to discredit the media, this is how all dictatorships start, by controlling the media.

  17. To all you snowflakes out there you need to get the truth read the constitution, read the federalist papers, loose the hate that the so called news outlets put out ITS FALSE NARRATIVES!!!!!! Take a good long look at what isis is doing to people they are killing for now reason. And you want them here so they can and will do that to you, then you can be first in line. We ALL NEED TO COME TOGETHER JUST NEED TO STOP THE STUPIDITY

  18. I think I love you…….. You should talk with CJ Pearson. Glad to see some people realize what’s happening and are willing to speak out. I think you were looking for Court Jesters when you were describing the actors. Hope to see you post more. We must all stand together until some of this subsides, if it does.

    1. I love that Barry the crack whore I haven’t heard that one. But I agree with this women why are people listening to people that live in a make believe world and get paid more money than we will ever see. So you who choose to agree with them are they paying your bills while your out marching and protesting and making fools out of yourselves

  19. You are a hypocrite Terrorist American in Name nutjob , Go live over in Mexico and let us know about it Or Move to Out a beloved American Liberal Terrorist Controlled #IRAN , shame on you self hating traitors to US and the rest of the world , what do you have to say for your slaughtering of 600,000 Syrians under Your terrorist watch ?!?

  20. I’m black and she sound foolish.

    Wait, wait now correct me, l remember seeing #45 acting, so he also was paid to be something else, l thought being out in places like this, cleared your mind, obviously, weed became legal and you added wet to it.

  21. How dare someone (her or anyone else) say that anyone is inherited folly from the Obama administration. Does anyone remember the 8 yrs of Bush? Every president tries to fix problems of the nation. But there’s no way you listened to the press conference from Trump the other day and can still feel confident having this man speak for you…

  22. Yes she telling the truth! Why don’t those Hollywood actor talk about the four men that lost their live in Benghazi? Chris Stevens bet for help four month before his death! Obama show his HATE for American people by partying in Las Vegas with Beyond and JJ. He the one who order STAND DOWN

  23. Hollywood is pedophile land and they sold their souls for fame. They want christian values erased in America. That’s why they want these so called “refugees”. 85 precent are military age males. All are Muslim. The real refugees are christan. But they won’t let come to America.

  24. Hey remember before Obama got the country it was under President Bush left him two wars and country in deep depth do not forget that people. And also after 40 years he gave country healthcare were other Presidents fail to give the American people and I am, not a fan of Obama, but I see the good he had done has well has the bad.

A Trump Supporter Believes She Knows The Truth That People Fail to

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