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A 15-Year-Old Beaten up in Vancouver USA Over Stealing JUST A CANDY!

 Kristin Nerton says: "We pull up to winco on 136th and see this girl being dragged around by loss prevention over candy she stole. Reporting to news stations as well. Do you think this is okay and they are doing there job or way out of hand?

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    1. I worked theft control. People will do anything, including using their babies to get out the door so they feel in the clear to walk away. Today candy, tomorrow and after just bigger or expensive things. This has nothing to do with gender. Those two control officers were actually kind to her, she kept throwing herself down on the concrete. What is right is right and what is WRONG IS WRONG

    2. At 15 I was a junior in high school holding 3 majors, helping at home, babysitting already for 3 years at 50 cents an hour AND ironing for a disabled lady a few hours a week. Yes today 15 is a child, no responsibilities including being honest or trustworthy. Children reach the age of “reason”, knowing right from wrong at age 7! I am actually glad it was taped as she being 15 acts childishly to get away with stealing. Stealing IS WRONG. We now know why “kids” of today believe they can do what they want as long as they know how to tantrum. Oh by the way, I raised my two boys (one a business owner and the other a doctor) so don’t tell me I don’t know what parenting is like. I taught them stealing is wrong or pay the consequences!

    3. Susan Conrad Whitlow Oh get over yourself!! This kid did wrong, no one is denying that, but to have been man handled like that was ridicules. All they had to do was detain her from leaving and wait for the police. Of course she was thrashing around, she was scared because these two “mall cops” were groping her. Had that been my daughter, I know two morons who would have gotten one hell of an ass beating.

    1. Kevin Fredrick
      Go and send her some money to hire a lawyer if your so sure she’s so innocent
      The store security has nothing better to do but arrest her because they had nothing better to do
      Go and send her some cash and give her your sympathy
      But don’t tell it to me
      Good bye

  1. Lost prevention don’t have the right to do what they did I’m glad they video taped it I hope they get fired all they had to do was hold her and call her parents a piece of candy our world is so fucked up there’s people murdering people she took one piece of candy!

    1. How did stealing by the bad person turn into a rape by the authority person. She had no business stealing, no matter how much it cost! Our world is really messed up. Stealing is stealing, wrong is wrong and the owner being stolen FROM should not be the bad guy. God help this world

    1. She can resist to those store employees all she wants until the police show up and let them deal with her stealing , this shit is plain out wrong and need their fucking ass beat and even the cocksuckers saying this is right they are doing this to this kid !

  2. Most (not all) lost prevention officers and mall cops are police academy flunkies with power complexes. They do not have the legal authority to manhandle a shoplifter.

    I don’t know about the States but, in Canada, I was trained in loss prevention and we were given rules:

    a) You have to witness the person both pick the item up and/or conceal it.

    b) You have to witness the person leaving the premises with the stolen item.

    c) When you confront the person, you are not allowed to touch them beyond putting a hand on their shoulder and telling them to stop.

    d) You are allowed to ask to search their purse, bags, and article of clothing, but you are not allowed to physically assault someone.

    e) If they refuse, you are allowed to ask them to cooperate or wait for police to arrive to speak with them.

    f) If they attempt to fight or flee, then (assuming you are a LICENSED security guard) you’re permitted to physically detain them. However, unless the thief is stealing something really valuable, it’s usually not worth getting into a physical altercation over. Certainly not worth it for a candy.

    1. Robert Laird but she is 15 alone and scared. God only knows if that is the only food she has had for a while. Too much, besides someone offered to pay for her candy and they refused it so to me it looks more like child abuse.

    2. Once you cross the threshold of the store with goods that arent paid for, they are within the law to detain ANYONE. The girl was throwing herself around trying to escape. Was she scared? Hell yes, cause she got caught!! She wasnt scared to steal though. Priorities people, priorities!

  3. Where is the rest of the video, so everyone can see that the store security and loss prevention guys were well within their jurisdiction to do their jobs…
    Don’t steal, you steal and you get arrested. Period. $1.00 candy bar or someones life savings, same shit. STEALING!!
    If that woman that was video taping this had her car broken into in the parking lot, she’d be beating that girls ass and demanding she was put in jail for life!! LoL
    Get a grip!!

    1. Fuck you Limos. Both of those punks would have had their asses handed to them if I had been there! That fucking punk pulling out handcuffs would have fucking eaten them. He had NO AUTHORITY to do what he did. Hope both of those punks get fired & the store sued for millions over this shit!

  4. This girl was not ” beaten up ” ….they are trying to detain her until the police get there ……the injuries ( scrapes ) on her leg are from her own actions …… She was eventually charged with a felony robbery because of her resisting arrest when the police officers arrived ……Hopefully she learns her lesson and doesn’t do any more stupid , illegal crimes …….

    1. No they didn’t “beat her up” but they had NO right to manhandle her like that!! Stealing is wrong and she will have consequences but I’ve read the story in OUR LOCAL paper and she was not charged with a felony so watch the alternative facts Kellyanne!!

    2. Victoria Fredrickson


      VANCOUVER, Wash. – A teenage girl was booked in the Juvenile Detention Hall in Vancouver this week, accused of trying to steal candy from a WinCo store.
      A video posted to Facebook on Saturday shows loss prevention staff detain the girl as she attempts to flee the store. Many people argue that the staff was too rough with the girl.
      However, a Vancouver police report said no witnesses saw loss prevention use any “assaultive [six] behavior on the girl that would be considered excessive force.”

      The girl’s mother, Jackie VanDuker, says she understands what her daughter did was wrong, but the way it was handled was excessive.
      “It was all wrong. She did steal and that’s wrong, she needs to be held accountable for that candy bar, but the way they handled it was all wrong,” VanDuker said.
      After seeing the video and how the loss prevention employees handled her daughter, VanDuker says the employees need to be re-trained.
      The video shows the girl struggle as she continues to resist being restrained by the employees. VanDuker says her daughter is young and was scared when two employees came after her.
      Police said the only injuries the girl sustained were a scraped knee and elbow.
      “There should be consequences for them, for treating a 14-year-old like that,” VanDuker said.
      The girl was booked into the Juvenile Detention Hall for second-degree robbery, a felony.
      “I just know how hard it is going to be with a felony, and over a candy bar? It’s stupid,” her mom said.
      Vancouver Police say the charge was upped to felony robbery because the girl resisted and employees sustained minor injuries.
      A representative with WinCo sent the following statement to KATU News:
      Thank you so much for contacting us regarding the video that was published on social media. We appreciate the public’s concern over this incident and would like to provide information about what took place, as well as our ongoing investigation. WinCo Foods began to investigate immediately after the incident took place. While in our store, the individual concealed items and left the store without paying. The individual was then approached by WinCo Foods’ loss prevention employees, who identified themselves as such. As our employees questioned the individual, she attempted to flee and was detained by WinCo’s loss prevention. At this point, the individual initiated contact by physically attacking multiple employees. All of this occurred immediately before the footage started in the video posted on social media.
      WinCo Foods immediately called the Vancouver Police Department, who responded quickly, and subsequently Vancouver Police Department arrested the individual for robbery. The video concludes with the officer arriving onsite.
      We understand that the media, our customers, and the general public are interested and concerned about the situation. We are continuing to investigate the situation and cooperating fully with local law enforcement, and are unable to provide any further details at this time. As we continue our investigation, we want to thank everyone for allowing us a chance to explain the full details of what happened – including key pieces of information not shown in the video. Thank you.

    3. Victoria FredricksonA teenage girl who was the subject of a Facebook video that went viral over the weekend following outrage over how loss prevention officers detained her outside a Vancouver WinCo was booked into the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center.

      The 14-year-old girl appeared Monday in juvenile court on suspicion of second-degree robbery. She will be arraigned Wednesday.

      She is accused of stealing candy from the store at 905 N.E. 136th Ave., and was stopped by two loss prevention officers outside. The girl fought with the employees while being detained, causing injury to both, according to a probable cause affidavit filed in support of the allegation.

      WinCo provided responding police officers with video of the alleged theft and fight, the affidavit states.

      A video of the altercation was posted to Facebook on Saturday by a bystander and shows the loss prevention officers detaining the girl in front of the store as she attempts to leave. Several bystanders can be heard yelling at the employees about using excessive force and not having the authority to detain the girl.

      After interviewing witnesses and reviewing video footage, police determined that no one saw the loss prevention employees assault the girl or use excessive force, said Kim Kapp, spokeswoman for the Vancouver Police Department.

      Kapp said the loss prevention employees were unable to handcuff the girl because she was fighting them. She sustained a scraped knee and elbow in the struggle.

      WinCo’s general office, which is handling questions about the issue, was unavailable for comment Monday afternoon but did issue a statement to news partner KATU that said the suspect “attempted to flee and was detained by WinCo’s loss prevention. At this point, the individual initiated contact by physically attacking multiple employees.”

      WinCo stated the suspect’s attacks occurred before footage shared in a video posted on social media.

      The company said it is “continuing to investigate the situation and cooperating fully with local law enforcement.”

    4. Fuck you AND Winco. They gave a BULLSHIT story to the pigs, & lied about everything. Those 2 punks need to have their fucking heads caved in. They assaulted a minor you fucking idiots! And why we’re there so many gutless fucking people standing around? No one had the fucking guts to help her! That’s what’s wrong with society today, too many gutless fucks standing around with a goddamn phone out, & not helping anyone being assaulted.

    5. funny, how the charges were upped because its resisiting arrest on her part for the staff sustaining minor injuries but all her marks are of her own fault. she was defending herself from two grown ass men. you bet your ass I’d be defending mine too.

  5. No its not right for any child, or adult, to be dragg around over a candy stolen, she should have been dealt with the right way, police, than community service for so many hours, that would have taken care of that

    1. “Would have been”, not “would of been.”

      Fuck now I know why so many of you ignore that she is thrashing around on her own trying to get away. She wasn’t being treated any way bad. She alone did all of that shit to herself trying to get away after SHE took the time to do the crime.

    1. Do ye Americans ever stop to ask yourselves why ye have the biggest prison population on the planet or why your kids nearly need to use bullet proof vests going into school. Ye are nothing but trigger happy animals.the fact some of ye have a standard as to how much is accepted to rough a kid up like that just shows how backward ye are.if that was my child they did that to I’d probably be done for murder

    1. I totally agree on discipline. I am single mother of 3 and my kids are all professional. so. I know, what l am talking about it. These idiots weren’t doing their job, they were abusing the girl. I could it handled better, and it clearly shows, that, these guys don’t have the right training for this type of situation, And you don’t know me. So please don’t insult me. I guess you are the kind of hillbillies, that fix everything with violence. You need to used your brain, in case you have one, because for what l can see. It’s empty

  6. Apparently people ignore that little chick thrashing around hurting herself. Theft is theft. Those crying over this shit with saying dumb shit like, “It’s only a candy”, well let people come take shit from your house until you don’t have a house any longer. It’s not that hard to understand now is it?

  7. It’s PRIVATE PROPERTY! Agents acting on the businesses behalf can and will physically make a citizens arrest for the police!!!! PERIOD. State laws differ slightly but on private property they can and do!

    1. First of all, she was in the parking lot, then dragged back towards the store – so no. Secondly, if you operate a business that is open to the public, it’s considered public domain. Thirdly, unless your physical well being is put in danger, you have ABSOLUTELY no right whatsoever to put your hands on another person; you can only politely ask them to come inside to sort this out, etc. and call the police if need be. She probably is a punk, and needs a wake up call of some kind; not a tombstone pile-driver. Bottom line is those 2 power crazed asshats – as many(not all) LP officers are – were in the wrong, and this is not at all how you handle a shoplifter. They will lose their jobs, and possibly face criminal charges – and rightfully so. She is a child. This was very unsettling to watch.

    2. Read morons!!! This is directly from a book! You know what books are?
      A store owner or loss prevention associate can legally detain you when they have “probable cause” or “reasonable cause” to believe that you are in the process of stealing merchandise. This is similar to, but not completely equivalent with, the “probable cause” a peace officer needs to effect arrest, and is referred to by various terms, including “shopkeeper’s privilege” and “merchant’s detention.” However, this threshold is pretty lofty (if you’re doing it right, as opposed to seeing fabric poking out of a purse and initiating a foot pursuit [you think I jest]). An LPO essentially has to witness, or witness in tandem with a coordinating camera operator, the entire act as it progresses:
      There you go idiots!!!

  8. Wow. I would have knocked both of those punks out, and it being in the midwest – I say this with respect, because it would have been the right thing to do, I’m surprised no one did. That is textbook self-defense of a third party. This is assault. You cannot physically restrain someone like that. Let alone a child. Doesn’t matter if it’s a $1 candy bar – or if it’s $10,000 worth of makeup. You call the police, make a report, ban her from the store. Not this. Holy. Just wow.

    1. Berivan BerkDemir va D e för fuckface som jiddrar!?!???
      Han må va så så dumknullad om han kan dräpa ett liv för att någon ungdom stulit något!?!?!!!
      Fuckface takes IT all!!!

      And James- cant u see that ur One of the worlds most stupid people if u think u Have the right to take some ones life just becuse the took some candy!
      Fuckers like u make the world A place full of hate!

      So yes, i may be as stupid as u right now becuse i wish stupid people like u got hit so hard that maybe just maybe the things in ur head got there shit straight !!!

      More Love & No Hate

      Dumknullade äckliga fittnylle är ett bra ord för sånna lowlifers som du!
      Kanske inte hör hit men du verkar va en american ???

    2. What world do you live in to where you think it’s okay to take someone else’s belongings? If you think it’s okay to steal someone else’s property, you’re what’s wrong with the world sweetheart not me.

    3. Do you think calling me “little man” is going to upset me? You’re out of your mind. And yes, someone made a horrible mistake by stealing my bike when I was a kid, but I beat him half to death with a golf club when I found him. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t steal shit that doesn’t belong to him anymore.

    1. As she should have been, but the right way…you don’t need to be a “law school pro” to know the law of the land, and to know what you can and cannot do to someone in public – i.e. Self defense of a third party; someone would have been well within their rights to push them off of her, and warn them to back off or you will defend her person accordingly; and if they didn’t relent, respond with force. I really hope those 2 goons were terminated and charged as well. She’s a child, this is upsetting. End of story.

  9. I definitely don’t think what they did was lawful ,but someone gave them “in their minds”the authority to do this!!also I don’t care how minor the offense- she fought them the whole time and caused her own injuries!!! For all we know she could have done this many times???? Who really knows

    1. Mike Means -what’s the difference ?she got herself all cut up- her pictures all over the web- and not in a very shining moment either!! The rent a cops should not have done what they did!!!! The girl stole- she should have walked in the store with them and that would have been the end of it!!! They were both wrong!!!!

  10. Maybe if she didnt resist and waited for police. I’m pretty sure the police have better things to do but hopefully having them on the scene and giving her a talk about impact and consequences maybe it could prevent her from doing something that is worse in the future. What kind of lesson is she learning if its ok to steal if its not much and can get away with no consequence. Today its candy, tomorrow your wallet, next year possibly your car she steals. My only concern is if the police were not called.

  11. So let me get this straight. If you are a thief and resist then they should let you go? Specially if you are a female? She should except the consequences for her actions. Just because she got caught and doesn’t want to deal with it should they just let her go?

  12. As someone else posted “theft is theft”. Self entitled idiot. The two bafoon did go overboard. Wannabe cops crossed the line. She was out of the store. They had a description of her. No need for all this. But I’ll bet she’ll think twice before doing this again….I hope.

  13. She needs her back side heated up for stealing in the first place, and Trust passed from the store! Her Parents also need to know that she’s going to jail for theft and then they need to be held liable for her crimes.

    1. Its shows how stupid people are today. A store owner and employees have a right to protect there goods and detain and if that means dragging them or cuffing them. Have all the right to do so the lady with the big mouth is a idiot and people yelling caused the girl to fight. More nation with out laws isnt a nation. I agree she shouldnt have been hurt. But other side of argument she shouldnt have been stealing

  14. when you steal from a liberal city lol.
    “Let the cops do their job” .. seconds later “fuck the police”…”let her go” “oh they let her go because privilege. If she was brown she would be dead, blah blah blah. All talk no action.

    1. No one is saying she shouldn’t face consequences but what those asshole did to her was inhumane. What they did crossed a line and they should be charged for assault and battery against a minor.

    2. They yanked her down twisted her limbs scraped her up. If someone was roughing me up like that with witnesses present there is no way in hell I’d let them get me into a private room. I’d refuse to walk too once I got publicly roughed up. God knows what they’d have done to her in private.

    3. And,Faye Ash just showed the reason this little savage does this kind of thing…. The entitled,you can’t touch me attitude… If she didn’t steal,this situation never would have happened. If she complied,they never would have had to put their hands on her…. It was her choice to do those things… Parents should have whipped her ass when she was little and that way she would have known there were consequences for her actions… As to the assholes screaming and hollering on the sidelines,including you,they don’t have all the information or know what occurred but they sure have opinions…. Play stupid games,win stupid prizes

    1. She is the one twisting around….. He is just holding her hands behind her back, if she don’t resist she is not going to have much pain at all. If you’re stupid enough to steal and even more stupid to resist when you get caught, then you really have yourself to blame if you get some browses.

  15. Bortskämda ungjävel. Har man gjort nått fel får man följa med o stå för det. O va äre för jävla morsa som taggar ungen att de är hon som gör rätt. De borde va hennes morsa som nyper tag i örat o säger att du följer med här o ber om ursäkt och du gör aldrig om dehär. Vart fan är vi påväg. Hon gör ju bort sig totalt, brist på respekt för vuxna. Snorunge

  16. It took two guys straining thier asses off overreacting to restrain that little girl?It would have been nice if someone had a taser and tased both of them and the crowd just jumped in and punched & kicked the living dogshit out of them for unecassarily overreacting making the situation alot more complicated than it should have,it’ve been completely justified,and, all the people on thier high horse defending these cowars each need to be bitchslapped.

  17. Have you people have no heart any more it’s just a candy bar If I was there I would have prayed for it maybe she was hungry and I would tell her don’t do it again what is helping to this world no one has any feeling for any one any more so sad

  18. PSA “Thou Shalt Not Steal” But her excuse can be that she probably attended a school with these Divine Words of Wisdom removed and most likely lives in a community where it’s against the law for parents to discipline

  19. Oh they are so lucky that wasn’t my daughter!!! They would to have an all out braul in font of the store!! ! And those so called people restraining here would never ever try that crap again !!!! They had no right to touch her at all …they could talk without touching! Most people these days are packing heat …those store workers are lucky they didn’t get shot!!! Well let this be there warning!!!!

    1. Assault?? he is holding her hands behind her back! She is the one twisting and trying to get away… Yes I did see her knees and I have come to the conclusion that they are from here trying to twist herself free and she then rubbed them against the pavement. So you think that every time someone starts screaming for getting caught, you should just let them go? They have themself to blame. There is a very easy way not to be hurt, don’t steal in the first place! Yes I do think they handled it correctly. they aren’t doing any violent moves against her.

  20. Loss prevention tigon should not made a spec tidal like that in the store over the loss of a candy bar!… And mis treated and hurt a child /anouther human being to boot? That was so wrong!.. On so many levels… I hope she sued the store good.. That way they see what that mis treatment of a minor over a candy bar was worth it!.. And maybe train their people better!… God bless those people that stopped to help her!

  21. Thank you to this quick thinking woman!! A quick “give it back and don’t come back” would have solved the issue. Now there are hundreds of thousands of people looking say I hate authority figures.” Fail on security, Fail on Winco!

    1. How do you know she was hungry? And where do you she someone at all touching her somewhere sexually? There is just no place where they touched here on a sexually spot, OK if think they are violent assaulting her, but sexually assaulted really?

  22. Well, good thing she isn’t black in America. 15 or not, she definitely would have gotten beat, possibly shot when the cops arrived, and the crowd certainly would not have been sympathetic. All for stealing a candybar.

    1. Oh look it’s the black victim card that has nothing to do with this post. ? so I guess they would have beaten her up if it weren’t for her white privilege? ??
      I don’t give a crap what color the little thief’s skin is, they did the right thing by detaining her. But not to worry I’m sure she will also hold up her victim card and some POS liberal judge will let her sue while getting away with her attempted theft.

  23. Hade slagit sönder dom totalt om det hade varit min dotter. Visst hon gjorde fel, hon snatta lite godis ffs? Och dom behandlar henne som hon skulle försökt stjäla kassan eller nått….fucking idiots fan så arg jag blev av att se det där.

  24. You people are all clueless. Those men are loss prevention agents. They have special training and they are registered to detain people. They are not normal store employees. What they did was well within the rights and duties that they possess. The solution is very simple if you don’t want this to happen to you don’t steal.

  25. She wasn’t beaten up, and yes they can detain her and she was resisting being held. The people wanting them to let her go are just as guilty as she was. Stealing is not alright,her parents should have raised her better and if she’s hungry someone should have fed her and maybe this wouldn’t have happened!!!

  26. Under fed law a loss prevention employee can detain an adult but is not allowed to detain anyone under 18 years of age .
    Also the company and employee must carry a $75,000 bonding and be bonded by the company and thier own private insurance agent.
    Also it is stated they can approach a minor who is stealing and ask for the merchandise back if the minor does not the store at time of incedent must call the police and video time check report and inform store mgr.
    That is the law in every state regarding Minor’s who steal merchandise from a store.
    They are not empowered to arrest unless the customer is a threat to another customer or themselves.

  27. So they should have just let the little thief go? That’s what’s wrong with this world today…nobody wants to except the consequences of their actions & everyone thinks their ‘feelings’ matter more than the law!
    Freaking SJW’s and snowflakes are ruining this world! What happened to “commit the crime, do the time”??? Now it’s “commit the crime, act like an entitled self righteous idiot and blame everyone for daring to think you should follow the rules & laws”!

  28. Out of all those people there, not 1 would step in and beat the shit out of the 2 detaining her like that. Had that been my daughter with those 2 doing that, I guarantee there asses would have been whipped.

    1. Sheila Roland they’re not the law. They’re employees and no, my child isn’t going to grow up disrespecting the law. But you man handle my daughter like these wanna Be’s r doing, I’d beat there ass.

    2. Ted Pospiech. Someone would be. Not me! Something this pathetic you’re going to manhandle a 15 yr old girl like that. Over a piece of candy? But if it came To my daughter being man handled like that over something so petty, someone would get hurt.

    3. Roy Moseley I never said it was right for her to steal and yes, I know how to raise my child but what kid doesn’t get in trouble. But over a piece of candy??? Really?? Man handled over a piece of candy. Ok. And whats Bs? That id beat someone like that man handling my daughter instead of the cops, yes I would. Had she stabbed someone or was very aggressive over attacking someone, then I can see someone doing this. But over a piece of candy. Bahahaha. Ok.

  29. I’m sorry you people all have your panties in a wad over this….the little brat hurt herself by sagging and trying to pull away…the woman “videoing” her encouraged her to act out more, as did the other fools standing around running their mouths at the security guys, who look to me like they are trying to be as gentle as they can while still maintaining their hold on her.
    And as far as the “it’s only a candy bar” reasoning, I am reminded of that young man NKorea just shipped home. That was “only a poster” … but he tried to steal it in a totalitarian country that hates Americans, and it got him killed. I sure hope this brat’s parents tell her she got what she asked for because she was stealing, and punish her further. It might just straighten her out. Of course, they’ll probably sue, she’ll learn nothing, and go on her merry way ….. Hope it’s one of you bleeding hearts that she steals from next; bet your attitude would change then.


  31. Ted Pospiech, she is a lil girl who stole a piece of candy.. Nobody should manhandle a lil girl or boy.. These are NOT POLICE.. It’s NOT called kidnapping without a reason. The store has cameras. They didn’t appear to have called police.. And physically drug that child back into store.. It’s ILLEGAL on so many levels.. A friggin piece of candy?? Really?? SMH.. Hope her parents sue.. Citizens arrest my butt..

  32. USA is a country of freaks and psychopaths and mostly a country where being rude is the way of Americans. I’m sure many of you will be offended but I know if you were in that situation acting as the employee you would do the same. Where in England there is no way to happen things like that. British are more tolerant and clever in this situation. And also one thing most Americans education is up to GED that’s only 12th grade pass. I feel those ppl will definitely get their lessons in time. She is just a kid and May be out of fun of being a teenager she did that. What a rotten sick people and country.


    1. If it was north Korea she would be dead . The problem is that she is throwing a fit. I stole and if my parent found out I acted like her I would have been in more trouble. Same goes for my kids . Who are adults. Their is to much tolarenc for bad disrespectful brats .

  34. I find it interesting that everyone is taking her word for what she took. It doesn’t matter what she took, it matters that she took it without paying, which is illegal and why these two have a job. Was this an ideal situation? No. But she most definitely brought it on herself.

    1. No, it wouldn’t. If my kid stole something they would accept the consequences. They also wouldn’t have flopped around causing their own injuries. I’m not suggesting this was right on the part of the employees, but she caused her own injuries.

  35. Oh Lord. Those means man’s. They didn’t let that po child steal and get away with it. They should be shame. About a fifth of the price in all stores is to cover the cost of theft Now if the kid is hungry , has no money , no one to support her , that’s one thing , but if she is just stealing and has money to pay for what she steals , lock her little ass up for thirty days

    1. its easy enough to a) take the candy back and tell her to never come back to the store

      b) call the cops and have them deal with is

      c) all kids do this kind of shit – generally all of them, it is just like adolescent behavior that they do grow out of.

      the answer is not to kick the fuck out of her in the parking lot

    1. Headline is there to incite conflict as 1) she’s clearly being restrained, no beat up and 2) she’s the one being uncooperative, resistant, and defiant. She stole. She got caught. She’s clearly refusing to go back in the store to handle the situation appropriately. The restrainer shows plenty of patience and doesn’t look to be escalating anything. Misleading headlines meant to get attention and cause public outcry and division.

    1. She will, because she’s 15. There are so few 15 year olds that actually think their actions through. It doesnt mean they deserve an ass beating. A lesson, yes. Detaining and scaring the piss out of them is a fairly good lesson. Physical violence is generally frowned upon.

    1. If they were “loss prevention” then there just security, they have no right to put there hands on anybody let a loan drag them back into the store! That’s assault and kidnapping, unless someone is getting hurt? In a store a security guard is to watch and report, and detain not with force

    2. No no no. A security guard BY ALL MEANS is contractually allowed to detain anyone stealing, causing trouble, or anything like that. Loss Prevention still actually has the right to keep her within the store or the female could’ve been charged with more than theft under 5000.

      All these things have contracts so don’t be stupid and say ” they have no rights “.

    1. Notice it says must be reasonable I don’t think reasonable is skinning up the poor girl’s knees and yanking her around by her arms and using two guys to put her in a chokehold and I think you just wanted to start a fight with me but hey I’m always willing to be educated thank you for your

    1. If that were my kid I’d tell her that she got what she deserved. I’d tell her to never steal and if she does succumb to the temptation and is caught not to resist and try to whine and wiggle out of responsibility for her actions. I’d make sure she didn’t see the inside of a store or mall or movie theatre for a long time. She’d be doing chores, studying and going without tv or cellphone or internet for a long, long time.

    1. If she would have acted properly then the out come would have been different. Read most of the comments . We the President Trump supporters have had enough of this type of behavior. I was 10 stole and was caught I would have never dreamed of acting like this . I would have been in more trouble at home. So all you buttercups will see no tolarenc for tantrums

    2. Sandy Jackson Gage there is no beginning in video… so you don’t know how she acted .. but I know those guys just grabbed her over candy … instead of calling the police they took matters into their own hands and hurt her … had she been black … she would be dead

  36. Yes taken too far. But not by the security but rather the young thief. Those who say “it’s only candy” well next time its only cigarettes, then its only a car. She is a common thief, cut and dry piece of shit.

    1. 40% of all food in this country is destroyed. That being said aI do think there should be some consequence for taking what does not belong to you. There is a better way to handle the theft of a 1.79 candy bar without injuring employees or the perpetrator. Violence is not the answer.

  37. This girl was not “beaten up”. She was restrained for stealing. If they let her get away with this she will feel there are no consequences for other stuff. She would learn that all she has to do is put up a fight and people would call it being beaten up and she can get away with anything! First it’s just candy, then a car then maybe even bank robbery. Spare the rod spoil the child.

    1. It’s against the law for them to hold her like that,I worked this kind of job and we are told we are not police they went overboard and hurt a child,yes she was wrong but that’s why to much if this was my daughter they would both get their ass.s kicked

    2. Andrew Calandrelli Sr. Unless she hit someone, then they have every right too, Also, if they had done anything ill-legal the cops would have arrested them. There is always more to the story then something that is being video taped this far into the altercation. Food for thought.

  38. I don’t know. I believe once they are are out of store they just get a description of the person call the cops etc. I didn’t see her getting beat up maybe just dragged around due to her own lack of compliance. She was of course trying to get away. It’s a small petty theft thing but still she committed the crime and maybe she’ll never do it again based on her experience here. All that being said I would never have put her in that neck hold as that could have hurt her especially since she was moving around. These kids just think it’s ok to do these things. Where’s the common sense today? That goes for both parties in this.

  39. So happy to see the majority agree that she should nor have been stealing. If she would have acted properly when caught then this would not have happened . I was caught when I was young , I did not dare act like her . Never stole again. This not so little girl and her actions arr why this world is messed up . Spoils in titled, don’t hold me accountable for my actions or I will throw a fit . I was 10 and new better.

  40. Uummmm, excuse me, but stealing is stealing, she should be arrested! Not hurt, but they could not have gotten her in a holding room the way she was acting!
    Perhaps this is what’s wrong with society, let’s slap her on the wrist, maybe she won’t steal again!
    Ugh so sick of crap!

  41. Still a bunch of snow flakes tho but all this is true if you let her take the candy next time it will be something else people saying this is just a little crime yes no dought but its also why the world is the way it is today

  42. It’s absolutely okay. They are doing there job trying to hold a thief that’s trying to get away. They aren’t beating her and if she weren’t resusting, they wouldn’t have to drag her. Has nothing to do if they are Trump supporters or not. You people have gone absolutely nuts.

  43. Any agent acting in the interest of a private business can effect an arrest in lieu of the police! States differ a little bit but LP can and they will use the force continuum! If someone resists, they use force for force! Dam there are some stupid people commenting! Read something, enlighten you brain occasionally! She’s a thief, and people are protecting thieves!! Simply imbeciles.

  44. Yes it’s okay. She was RESISTING and manipulating the crowd but you know the old saying the bigger the audience the better the show… Well done Washington liberals for playing right into it. Point and case if it is a candy bar or a car a thief is a thief!! You don’t steal and NEVER take what doesn’t belong to you. Sorry you NEVER got the memo!!

    1. He stole the election? Okay I guess your one of the hostile people you speak about. HE WON!! Get over yourself!! You left are the one who lied, cheated, gave killary questions, had dead people and illegals vote and y’all still lost. So you tell yourself whatever helps you sleep better at night in your safe place while the rest of U.S. PRAY and wait for you to get the memo!!!!!!!

  45. Here’s a video of me putting a thief to sleep, for stealing 400 dollars worth of merchandise. Rear naked choke, because the criminal tried to pull a gun on me! I wasn’t fired, like idiots on here are saying will happen. In fact they promoted me to LP Mgr! In Tucson Arizona!!!

    1. His back pack was full of stuff! Even without the gun, had he tried to resist I would have stuffed him on his head and not have lost a dam thing! You simply do not know the law and what’s going on in this country. Ridiculously clueless!

  46. How is it wrong for them to hold her or take her back to wait for cops she took candy thats stealing whats wrong is were is the little girls mom and dad why ant they their to whip her and give the candy back ?

  47. She’s being detained from stealing the two guys are not hurting her. She the one that’s causing the problem if she would stop squirming around and do as she’s told none of this would happen. That’s the problem now days people pull out that phone and start videotaping and running that PIEHOLE when they don’t know the whole story! If the shoe was on the other foot and it was then she stole from they’d be crying the blues.I don’t care if she stole a piece of bubble gum she still is a THIEF!

    1. 15 shes 15 years old Lin Pirretti so put her to sleep ? I was being nice cause shes young and she a woman i was aways brought up to never hurt a woman unless she acts like a man but i do not belive they are wrong for holding her down

  48. They are not there to stop someone from snatching a $2 box or bag of candy it is a ticket offense.. misdemeanor, there is no reason to drag her and detain her for this.. period., you do-gooder type are such fucking all suck if you think this is reason for this kind of bullshit, let’s just start dragging people around.. she should have not resisted but the more they grabbed her the worse it got! They should have backed off.. and called police..assaulting her is not ok no matter what!

    1. James Vlasaty whats the repercussions for killing people wether peacetime or war isn’t it wrong to kill another human. Being. I think so. Thou shalt not kill. No special clause saying except in this case. Ye without sin cast the first stone.

    2. James Vlasaty I have seen stupid reply s but this is the dumbest I have seen and I an not a liberal but i am a parent and I know for a fact there is a better way to handle a candy bar problem being stole and if u thank she deserves what she got you are a idiot and not much of a parent period…..

    3. We kill everyday Mat Lewis so this is not new. Society is breaking down due to over indulgence, complacency, entitlement, lack of parental values instilled within our children, tolerance of terrorist organizations, etc. This is not new for we repeat history much to the demise of mankind and humanity. Spare me the platitudes, the bible thumping, the moral attempt at justifying criminal activity wherein we are all to feel sorry for this criminal. Cry me a river. I with so many now no longer care. My empathy and sympathy have been exhausted so when I see these now, care less. Brought up accountable for your actions, take responsibility for them and accept the consequences. Values no longer taught. So be it. Sad that my once grey area on these issues has been completely removed by the actions of others, it is what it is. Had they shot her dead, ack, care not.

  49. My God. She was shoplifting candy and treated like she had killed a security guard? However, all she had to do was prance herself into the little room and wait for the police. Now, it is a real mess. Yeah, the guys overdid it

  50. So when did they beat her up she’s 15 she’s knows the difference between right and wrong if you steal you pay the price this country’s turned into a bunch of cry babies back of my day when I stole you got your ass f****** beat so suck it up and deal with it

    1. Stealing is Stealing……..All they wanted to do is take her back to the office until the police got there.She fought them and Lost Doesn’t matter if its a candy bar or a big ticket item………It is Stealing something that someone else has already payed for.Hopfully they just banned her from coming back in the Store.

  51. All these ridiculous comments saying “it was just candy” are ridiculous! It STARTS with “just candy” and gets worse everytime! She stole…lesson learned, HOPEFULLY!!! If it was my child they be getting it again when they got home!!!

  52. What I wonder is.. she stole. Sooooo she should be let go? She got caught right? So if she refuses to go with the security they should just say ok? Maybe next time she will steal somthing bigger? A whallet, purse, car? And if anybody try to stop her all she has to do is refuse to comply and she what?? Gets away with it? No accountability? ? So ppl cam steal ANYTIME they want. Take ANYTHING and get away with it as long as they resist and run. Because what? How dare you put hands on her?. Lady said said your not a cop. So what? Cops show up after the fact without the thief.

  53. It is Snowflakes like you that cause our societal issues! There are consequences to Every Action! She stole……doesn’t matter the amount. She gets injured because she fights…..that is self inflicted! My outrage is with you!

    1. The store should not intervene or approach a suspect of any level of crime and instead should notify the police. She and her parents should sue the store and each individual. Disgusting men should be in jail and fined. Stealing is not okay. Any respectable business would distance themselves from petty crimes and notify the police. That’s exactly what Krogers does and they’re one of the best grocery stores in Texas. It’s called professionalism.

    2. Hmm. I have a plan: A. Get my partner in crime as Sheriff in Ms. Keil’s county. B. Rob her house.

      The store should MOST DEFINITELY protect it’s inventory. Otherwise they have to raises prices to counter theft losses, and that costs everyone.

      Professionalism is taking down the thief effectively: You call law enforcement once you’ve done a citizens’ arrest on the perp.

  54. William Richardson so we should just step aside and let her go? Send a message that it’s ok to steal ANYTHING you want without consequence? And she can get away with it all she has to do is run and resist. So if this little girl try to steal your wallet you would not be able to stop her. Because you might scrape her knee?

    1. The store should not intervene or approach a suspect of any level of crime and instead should notify the police. She and her parents should sue the store and each individual. Disgusting men should be in jail and fined. Stealing is not okay. Any respectable business would distance themselves from petty crimes and notify the police. That’s exactly what Krogers does and they’re one of the best grocery stores in Texas. It’s called professionalism.

    2. Yes notify the police, but at that point the suspect is GONE.. and with no one to stop or even challange her she will steal again.. is that ok with you.. she will get away with it. All she has to do is make sure there is no cops around???

    3. And by the way I work in a grocery store. Have for 26 years. We stopped many people from stealing at first we asked them if they would like to step in our office to fill out some paperwork. We call the cops if they do not have ID so the cops can ID them. If they resist yes we do physically restrain them from leaving. Because in my experience in the grocery business for 26 years once them people leave they are never caught even though the cops take reports. And they are never caught unless they are caught somewhere else shoplifting.

  55. Sad. You excuse this. Things would only get worse. She’s got some problems. Probably liberal teachers or parents.
    And on top of this she should get 5 years probation. Jail visit. And a few weekends in the detention center. And if she does not change. Then she is lost forever. Just another reason the state does not want you to spank your kids. Guarantee Money Maker for the state.

    1. Yeah. But you condone this behavior. The only idiot is the liberals idots. Who wanted Killary. And don’t want Trump to do good. Cause that would say you put a loser in office. And I don’t think you snow flakes can take much more.

    2. As soon as you outed yourself as a republican, your babble is irrelevant. 😛 Glad youve nothing to do with the law. Geezuz. Feel sorry for your kids if youre the disciplinary. I love how you put words in peoples mouths, psycho-analyse everything to fit your agenda, then we’re supposed to take you seriously while you name call like a juvenile. 😛

    3. See what I find funny is how those 2 groups act. But what I love the most is know for sure. Republicans will be in office for 8 years. And if the fake media and demacrats don’t stop. A lot of you old school demacrats. Will never live long enough to see a demacrat back in office.
      That group just cant take it that they lost. It’s easy to see why they lost. More people voted for Trump. Even crossed party lines. Cause they were sick of where this country is going. And the fall started about 1974.

      At least my children will know. They do something. Do the crime do the time.

    1. Agree… Breaking the law is breaking the law. She was being detained and the only reason she was harmed was because she resisted. She only resisted because she was caught breaking the law, and the great thing is the lady that took this video, that thought somehow by taking it was going to get her out of it, actually got her to admit on camera that she stole from the store…

  56. The store should not intervene or approach a suspect of any level of crime and instead should notify the police. She and her parents should sue the store and each individual. Disgusting men should be in jail and fined.

    1. If someone was abducting a child in front of your house would you not attempt to stop it? Would you simply call the police and have them handle it?
      In a civilized society we all must take part in keeping the peace. We can not expect the police to be everywhere and handle every crime. If they would have let her go do you really think the police would have spent that much time tracking her down for only a couple of bucks? Police are keepers of peace and enforcers of the law and there are far to few of them to be stretching their resources for petty crimes such as this. They did the right thing, detain the suspect and wait for police to arrive…

    2. Jeremiah Fisher Theft of a candy bar or any products from a business establishment is entirely different from an individuals home, especially in the case of an abduction. So, I’ll switch gears and respond to your question. I would immediately involve myself in a child or adult abduction if it was taking place in my presence regardless of location. I would call the police as soon as I could or ask anyone nearby to call 911. Many stores such as Walmart and Krogers have sophisticated technology. Cameras are everywhere which is why Krogers refuses to interact with customers including thieves. Most businesses calculate a certain amount of risk for loss of products including theft. They prefer to allow the experienced experts to do their job of enforcing the law. These men taught this young girl/woman absolutely nothing that would benefit her. Those males were not strong, wise men but arrogant asshole men who likely got off on roughing her up. All the good, strong, loving men I have in my life would have at most attempted to reach out to her and talk with her to see if she was homeless, hungry, had parents, etc. They would attempt to make a bad decision an opportunity to get her help. No one knows her story. We have to start by giving a damn about others in society to change the balance of power. I know a number of police officers, IRS agents, FBI agents, etc. and all say the same thing which is that they wish cop wannabes would do the work to get the job or mind their own business. She stole a damn candy bar! We have to choose our battles. People do get injured and killed intervening. If she was hurting someone the circumstances would be different.

  57. It’s obvious that these two punk looking prevention and loss dudes thinks that they are cops. Regardless of what, these two punks were over the line. Any arrest or apprehension of the alleged perp is up to the cops. Lot of these security guys think they are cops. They are not cops or. Law enforcement officers. A police officer is required to identify and notify that they are police with which dept and badge number. That’s the proper way. Loss prevention job is to write up a report and submit to hq about the value of the item. These two punks should be fired for their misconduct

    1. I seen nothing wrong with the detainment process surely if the loss prevention personnel didn’t use physical force to detain the young lady she would’ve fled the scene and that is the how majority of loss prevention personnel earn their money by actually catching the thief….

    2. She got hurt because she resisted. And this whole thing started with her stealing, regardless of what it is. It’s simple logic and physics. It annoys me to watch a brat resisting already. She is lucky already they are not chopping her fingers or hands off like the Muslims would do.

  58. She deserved that for stealing! If she wouldn’t have resisted being detained, she wouldn’t have gotten hurt! It’s 100% her fault! To the lady that video this & said you were going to post this all over Social Media, Good Job! Now we all know what the thief looks like & can watch her like a hawk when she goes into any stores! If you were her mom, shame on you for not teaching her not to steal!

  59. Lordy lordy lordy. Lots of whining snowflakes! She needs a night in County. Learn the lesson! Don’t steal!

    I’m in Texas and a proud carrier. Take from me, and things will escalate quickly.

    I have also lived in Florida and Missouri. Same laws.

    1. I was going to say something along the same lines Kathy, they definitely will lose more money the damn candy she stole because the force they’re using. Like come on. It’s just candy, take her picture and escort her off the property. That’s what happened to me when I was 15 haha ?. Never went back to that grocery store haha.
      I can see where force can be needed in a citizens arrest. But really, for this situation, it was a bit much. Haha

    2. Nice thing about having a dpsst youre automatically insured in the case of causing harm. To be a asset protection you have to have this. It is the same training cops go through. Theres two courses: armed and unarmed.

    3. However, i agree over a peice of candy is pretty miniscule and a waste of paperwork and time. Youre always going to have security guards that want to be cops or want to look like a hero and thats how situations like this happen.

  60. If that wasn’t a girl this wouldn’t even be a deal. If it was some tweaker dude everyone would be yeah he deserves it! If she just wouldn’t tried to resist when she got caught never would have been an issue got own your mistakes

  61. Gender doesn’t matter women have the same equality as men so quit being a piece of shit get a fucking job and stop stealing and this wouldn’t happen people want to make shit so complex and controversy but at the end of the day it’s a simple rule don’t steal don’t do the crime if you can’t serve the time and deal with the consequences in other country they cut your fucking hands off for this shit so count yourself lucky

    1. Thomas you are a giant idiot, lose prevention does not have the right to do what they did to that 15 year girl or any 15 year old person. They get a picture of her and call the proper authorities to handle the situation. From what I saw in the video she was outside the store and taking a candy last time I checked is a misdemeanor, those to (cop wannabes) preformed an illegal apprehension on a minor. Tell me Thomas you never took something that did not belong to you, be honest.

    2. Maurice MacAdam no I’ve never stolen anything since I was of the age of maybe six because I have morals that were taught to be my parents and I’m not a worthless piece of shit so before you go calling somebody an idiot you better check yourself fuck stick and to boot maybe if her parents were doing their job as parents loss prevention wouldn’t had to teach her right from wrong you can say they didn’t have the authority all day long but at what point is somebody going to stop and say enough is enough to children you giving them a handicap or a pass on things that they’re doing wrong is why the world is in such a horrible state when I was 15 I knew not to steal I knew it was wrong and I know I didn’t do those things because I knew there was consequences to my actions how are you gonna tell me that she smart enough at 16 to operate a motor vehicle but not smart enough to know not to steal at 15 and last time I checked loss prevention was paid to prevent people from stealing different companies have different standards and at what level they can extend that but that is their job description and they didn’t beat the shit out of her they only apprehended her and dragged her back into the store if she would’ve quit resisting it wouldn’t of had to go that far

    3. hi i am Maurice’s daughter…. i know right from wrong i also am the wife of a Walmart employee…. this is not how loss prevention works… Walmart would get the shit sued out of them if there loss prevention team did that amount of Rough manhandling… that being said winco could be sued in to the ground …. we already don’t have them down here

    4. Christine Horn I honestly can’t argue with you two anymore on this cause it’s a waste of my time but your pretty much saying it’s OK that she’s a criminal might as well say it’s OK for people to be terrorists and make them look like they are the victims what the fuck is wrong with America ??‍♂️ good luck to you and your father hope you two have a wonderful day please don’t re-comment, and bother me with the ignorance you believe what you want and I’ll do the same ✌?

    5. Thomas Rhoades number one I never ever called you a piece of shit!!!! Sorry for calling you an idiot… The fact still remains those “lose prevention” employees only are to observe and REPORT, NOT to apprehend anyone it is not in the job description. All I was trying to say is they went way beyond their duties..

  62. The girl is only 15 and she should sue the hell out of that store… All that to a child that stole a fucking candy bar??? I woukd have kick that guy in the red shirt in his face and bitch slap the lady with the hand cuffs and tossed them a 20 to pay for what ever that child took.

    1. Wayne, what would you do if it were your store she was stealing from? I know that if it were my store, I would have gotten her picture and informed her that I was calling the cops but we don’t know the whole story. We see them assaulting her to contain her but what we don’t know is the previous information. Was she a repeat offended? How many times had she done this before? No one should judge based on what they see here. This girl did something wrong and if it was her first time, she was defiantly mis-treated but on the other hand, if this was not her first time, she had to be put under control. I really am on the fence. I have to know all the facts before I can make judgement.

    1. Bobbi Froese when I was her age I stole from a store, and i got caught. someone detained me and I just sat quietly without resisting because I know what I did was wrong and I deserved it. Luckily no police got involved but that’s because I have the blessing of God over my life.
      That guy was holding her and she kept trying to get away. If she would’ve stayed still to wait for the police, like she should have, then she would’ve been fine. Once again, her own fault.

  63. This to do kids need to be in prison for the abuse that they’re doing under the young lady they have dick for brains just like Trump stupid sonsabitches there’s no excuse other than they’re just have failure of the fucking brain what brain

    1. I learned by getting arrested for a candy bar at a supermarket. They didn’t have to tackle me though… once caught… I didn’t resist. Embarrassing yes, learned my lesson yes… but then you got idiots that try and run. So she got what she deserved.

  64. It was over kill on their part, the two employees would not have covered their names with their hands had they felt what they have done was right. Also if they felt they were doing their jobs the one pulled out handcuffs but did not use them, had he the authority he would have without feeling the possibility of being charged himself for harm caused to the female.

    If the Police were trying to contain the young female and she fought them it would have been different. Thrift no matter the lose is wrong, but how and who is making the containment is a different story and this may have crossed the line in the case of these young men. It has been very difficult for even the Pilice to arrest people without charges being brought against them so I am sure this created a big moment against the store and the employees but remember next time you reach out to help a person know they may get more braising because they were cleared and given money for their actions that lead them to their situation.

    What would You Do

  65. Every teen steals something.. Part of the growing process. Everyone of us did it. In this case I’d say they are taking a piece of candy pretty serious… But it is the job of those two to retain the perp. It’s just candy though that she probably ate in the store. Whatever.

  66. To those who says this is okay. If this happened to your own kids you wouldn’t have the same opinion that you do now. Violence and abuse is never okay. There are better ways to handle the situation without abusing. The way they handled it was so unproffesional! And they’re supposed to represent the store which also gives the store a bad rumor on how they meet their customers!

  67. Hey idiots…ALL of you whining about them bringing her to justice, PLEASE post your addresses on here so buglers and bad guys can come pay a visit to your homes to TAKE whatever they want… After all, you do not believe in JUSTICE…or someone being held ACCOUNTABLE for crime… It is AMAZING to see the idiots on here… Stupid comments like Chris above..”Every teen steals something.. Part of the growing process.” What a MORON… Sorry buddy, not every teen goes out and steels something… Perhaps in your mind, that is NORMAL behavior,,, there are a LOT of kids raised better that do NOT steel… It boggles my mind that you actually believe the BS your typing… AGAIN, feel free to post your address so liberal thugs know that it is ok to steel from you…after all, EVERYONE DOES IT…. Meanwhile, when a child or teen or adult STEELS there are ACTUALLY repercussions!!! Shocking that so many do not grasp…cause and effect etc… They were NOT beating this girl up…she was RESISTING being brought back inside…NOT fighting for her life against an attack…. Get a grip!!!!

  68. The woman filming and talking constantly is a COMPLETE MORON!!!! She doesn’t realize what “beat the hell outta her” actually would entail…. And AGAIN for the idiots not paying attention… She should post her address with a note that states, It is okay to come STEAL from my house if your a teen…after all, they do not know any better and should not be held accountable!!! MORON!!!!

  69. So Ray , why do they have to be liberals. Liberals are more tolerate. Probably would have let her go. However, I feel sorry for the little thief. I bet she won’t steal again after this. She should have just walked her little thieving but but into the store to be arrested instead she resisted and there probably was the cause of all of that. Mother tell her to get up and walk back inside the store and the mother should have went with her to get the situation resolved. So she stole a piece of candy and what else has she stolen that is the question. Is that he habit. Have the parent condoned this type of behavior. We don’t know. If she stoled then she should have just went back into the store with her mother, not all of that what she was doing. The young lady caused all of that. If it had been a black person they probably would be dead over the candy! Consider yourself lucky!

  70. Like it or not LPO’s have the right to detain shop lifters. Many carry cuffs and some are even armed. However they also carry the burden of proof that the suspect was in fact caught in the act of leaving the store with property they did not purchase or intend to purchase.
    Many companies have walked away from individual LPO associates in each store due to risk to those employees safety. Home Depot being one that changed it’s policy after an associate was shot and killed.over a cordless drill kit. At one time they even had holding cells in some of their stores to detain perps until LEO’s arrived.
    Bottom line mom, walk your child back into the store, wait for the police and handle it like an adult.

  71. What is fucked up is theses two bitches man handled this 15 year girl like if they are cops. But they’re two little butt slamming each other fags. And all of theses guys standing around watching them hurt this kid over a piece of fuckin candy. And not one of them had BALLS to help her. Three words for them all PUSSY ASS BITCHES.

  72. Where was the fucking manager?!?! And losa prevention cannot do this. They should have called cops but didnt. This poor girl. All over a candy bar. Wtf!?!?! And why didnt any of these guys yelling im her defense, not grab those POS assholes off of her. I would’ve knocked them out and gotten her away. Its a fucking candy bar. Ban her from the store…dont brutally abuse her. I hope her parents sue the fuck out of that store and those 2 assholes.

    1. The 2 BOYS handled the situation wrong…bottom line. The store should’ve called the cops before approaching her. But they didn’t. The other people did. Theft is wrong, but that much force and manhandling over a fucking candy bar was overkill. Washington State code is bs.

  73. No matter how small the item os, stealing is stealing and is wrong. People need to be held accountable table for their actions. Too many kids thing they are entitled to things they didn’t earn and now we have a generation of spoiled brats. The parent should be ashamed of herself. I got stealing toys when I was a kid. My mom made me return it and whooped my ass. You do the crime, be prepared to do the time.

  74. I am in safety loss and prevention and what those to idiots did is totally wrong major law suit coming people getting fired as well I am now using this video as training on not what not to do the Manager should have stepped in he was not doing his job either

  75. I’m sorry but that was too excessive! Regardless of her stealing they shouldn’t have handled her like that! Once again I’m sorry because I would have had to help the girl until the police arrived! I wouldn’t have stood by and let them do that to her! And I would have risked getting in trouble myself! You don’t do that to a 15yr old child!

  76. These people are in a heap of trouble it’s called imprisonment they should not touch this person regardless of any shape or form where’s the cops when you really need them they’re too busy changing out the drug dealers and everybody else’s that I’m taking care of the the community of the citizen we need to have more citizens take progressive proactive rules in order to protect these people they have no right to touch anybody regardless of whether Belize

  77. This teen should have taken her lickings and gone with Loss Prevention, without resistance. Loss Prevention, should NEVER use this much force. The way the handled this situation is beyond their authority and it should not have ever happened. They could have taken care of it in a different manner, but they failed, miserably! Especially considering the young lady is a minor.

  78. Omg, stop. The kid stole. The kid resisted arrest. Yes, they could have and most likely would have given her a warning but she escalated it, with her parents, into something more than what it should have been. The old man incited a Riot, the woman fueled the fire,the girl at the behest of the parents resisted arrest. They did thier job. So being an over sensitive ass hat and obey the law and this shit won’t happen.

    1. You’re an idiot. Loss prevention can’t throw you to the ground, put you in a full nelson, and drag you across the parking lot. Two little bitch made dudes wanted to finally man handle someone and the only person weak enough to do it to was a 15 year old girl.

    2. She stole. This is what happens when your ass steals don’t steal and you have nothing to worry about and they can perform a citizen’s arrest or detain until police enforcement’s arrive they’re totally legal in what they’re doing and they can throw anyone’s ass to the ground that steals plain and simple she stole she resisted she got what she deserved maybe she’ll learn a lesson

  79. If she stopped fighting them I dont think they would of laid a hand on her May of been candy but stealing is stealing . She should of showed some respect they may just told her she was never allowed in that store again . Who knows ? These young kids have no respect anymore !!!

    1. Watch the video again . I did not see anyone punching her . However she behaved like a wild cat . All she had to do was stop fighting them . She is not some poor little girl that just took some candy . You know what I raised 3 daughters and never once did they ever do anything like this. If it had happened with my child I would of been furious with my child for stealing !!! Watch it carefully . No one is punching this kid . She was the one rolling on the ground .

    2. Have to agree with Donna! She fell to the ground and started kicking and ranting. The lady with the camera got her as she fell and twisted the facts. I’m sure these security guards were taken back by the resistance and audience! What’s the difference between stealing candy or something more expensive? Hopefully a lesson learned.

    1. They are not allowed to touch u my brother is a l p o officer u can’t grab people let alone throwing them on the ground wow two dudes on a 15 year old girl if that was my kid those 2 pussyies would be very sorry and hurt

  80. Actually YES they can. I was a security guard for a big chain store and you are allowed to take down a thief in anyway you can. I caught a guy that was armed and I wasn’t luckily the thief didn’t fight back. This is a VERY DANGEROUS JOB. These people are taking money from you in the long run

    1. No one really knows this girls story,alot of kids her age are left home alone in the summer while parent or parents are working.She may have been hungry.I wish they would post an update to this story.In the very beginning of it did look like the one guy was choking her he had his arms around her neck. Did anyone else see this?To much force being used over a piece of candy.It would be different if she had a gun and stole hundreds of dollars.

  81. Why not chop off her hands for stealing that little piece of candy too while your at it, you barbaric piss-ants. Hey, her head’s still on her torso. You haven’t shoved a chainsaw up her ass yet either, fkn underachievers!

  82. Ok so some people have stolen in the past that doesn’t mean that it’s not only illegal but it also effects the price of the ordinary items raising prices that are already inflated by shipping cost and other variables the problem is two fold 1. Don’t steal then there is no need for detaining 2. Better training for loss prevention personal clearly these guys by wrestling around with this girl are making it dangerous not only for them but also for someone whom after this is still going to have to shop at the store and that makes it bad for business they have to keep these things in mind as well