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13 Dogs With Amazing Jobs Prove That Humans Owe A Lot To This Inspirational Species

Most of us have pets and are responsible for their food and shelter. Whereas these pets in addition to their company also give us their unconditional love and care. But we see that the service or working dogs,who are trained to save lives, have further glorified this relationship with their heroic deeds.

So below are listed 13 impressive things which these dogs are trained to do.

1. Smell Blood Sugar Levels:

Diabetic-alert dogs are trained to smell  the chemicals which are released when the blood sugar levels,of a body, changes. Thus they are able to get timely help and action needed to get these blood sugar levels back in the safety zone.

2. Find A Person Buried In An Avalanche:

An avalanche-dog is eight times faster than a team of humans, in its search for people lost in an avalanche. These skilled canines sniff the snow for human scent, so if caught in an avalanche inclusion of a dog in the search can greatly increase your chances of survival.

3. Alert You To The Sound Of A Fire Alarm:

Hearing dogs are trained to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing. After years of hard and committed training these dogs are trained to alert their partners to a wide variety of sounds.

4. Support Someone Who Has P.T.S.D:

A Post Traumatic Stress Disorder dog detects early signs of anxiety in their partner, distracts them, giving them a chance to regain control.

5. Detects Changes In Blood-Pressure:

The cardiac alert dogs are trained to alert people, specially those with Dysautonomia, who face the risk of passing out due to severe blood pressure changes.

6. Get Help In An Emergency Situation:

These service dogs are trained to get help for their partners, like finding other people to help or making phone calls to 911.

7. Protect People During Seizures:

These seizure dogs are so well trained that they can alert their handler before a seizure occurs. Or they are trained to respond in a certain way during or after a seizure.

8. Deliver Medical Supplies to Injured Soldiers:

The ‘mercy dogs’ are trained to search a battle field for injured soldiers, they then carry medical supplies to these soldiers. Some of them are trained to retrieve a handler to help the injured soldier.

9. Detect Potential Allergens In Food:

The allergy detection dogs are trained to sniff out allergens like peanuts, milk, soy, latex or other substances as these are really dangerous for people who are allergic to them. These dogs not only alert the people but can also block them sometimes from going near the allergen.

10. Support Someone With Autism:

Autism service dogs are trained to alert and respond to certain triggers. They are even trained to apply the ‘Deep-Pressure Therapy’ to calm down their partners, when they are in anxiety.

11. Guide Visually Impaired People:

These guide dogs or pups are trained to help the blind or visually impaired people to physically navigate the world.

12. Sniff Out Explosives:

Bomb-sniffing dogs alert their handlers even if they sniff a small amount of explosives. These dogs are common in the military and they are also used for mine detection in wars or conflicts.

Provide Physical Balance and Support:

Brace and mobility service dogs help their human partners by being perfect companions to them and by helping them out in every possible way. Even picking and fetching things for them and preventing them from falling.

Even though these dogs are really lucky to have such good owners who look after them but we are infinitely more lucky to have such perfect companions in them.

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13 Dogs With Amazing Jobs Prove That Humans Owe A Lot To This Inspirational Species

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