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7 Things to Identify Psychopaths Among Us

Unlike Hollywood movies all psychopaths are not serial killers but it has been seen that many successful businessmen, doctors, lawyers or CEO’s have psychopathic tendencies.According to ‘Livescience’ there are 70 million psychopaths while a study conducted by the Behavorial Sciences and the Law has revealed that almost 15% of U.S prisoners are psychopaths. Although we cannot identify a psychopath by his/her looks but there are many who walk among us.  These people become even more difficult to spot as they behave normally and make themselves appear trustworthy. However there are some subtle and hidden signs by which we can easily identify these people.

1. They Are Charming, Smooth Talkers:

They are well liked since they have the ability to say the right thing at the right time. Their social interaction and communication skills are extremely high and so these convincing powers help them to gain others sympathy. Psychopaths always highlight themselves in a positive manner and use flattery to gain a person’s trust.

2. Exhibit a Narcissist Behavior:

These people believe that rules are not made for them and this attitude encourages them to commit more crimes. A psychopath always believes that they are perfect and that they deserve happiness and wealth without making any effort for it.

3. Get Bored Easily:

They are derived of all emotion and usually do risky things in search of constant thrill. They have short attention spans and low self-discipline in carrying tasks to completion.

4. They Invade Your Personal Space and are Highly Irresponsible:

How ever much we are involved in this society we all need some time which should be exclusively for us.Psychopaths fail to follow this rule and infringe on others personal space. They are also highly irresponsible people as they fail or forget to fulfill their obligations.

5. They are Manipulative and Fail to Accept Responsibility for Their Own Actions:

Psychopaths often manipulate others and will never hesitate to use others to achieve their goals. They would resort to violence and show power to make others do what they want.

6. They Are Good Emotional Black-mailers:

Psychopaths understand others emotions on an intellectual level and they will use this knowledge for their benefit. They will easily convince you to do something against your wishes and will easily convince others to gain sympathy for themselves.

7. They Have No Conscience:

The main objective of a psychopath is to achieve their goal and for this they can lie or deny something in a very convincing way. They don’t live independently but always depend on other people.

8. They Have Poor Behavioral Control:

Psychopaths get annoyed easily and become aggressive easily. They have the tendency to maintain several relationships but they do not have long term relations or friendships.




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7 Things to Identify Psychopaths Among Us

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