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10 Well Known Dark Secrets of American President Donald Trump

It is a well-known fact that Donald Trump is the most controversial president Americans have ever elected.

Interestingly, he has always been a subject of ridicule and downright scorn. Even his best of supporters find it very difficult to defend him. His past is seen by many as shady and dubious and very few give him any benefit of doubt.

Here is the list of his dark secrets in the descending order. 



Many people believe that higher education is in actuality a scam.  Donald Trump’s real – estate institute though was legally established.

It is believed this was never a university from the start and right from its inception in 2005, The New York State Education Department warned that it was established in contravention to the state law for operating without a NYSED license.

Trump, ignored this warning from NYSED and still went on with the project, though of late its name has since been changed to “Trump Entrepreneur Initiative”. Since the inception the so called university was charging exorbitantly the prospective students and when it finally dawned on the students that they had been scammed of their millions many law suits were filed against Trump. Currently there are three suits still pending in courts. After getting elected, Trump settled some cases out of courts by paying $ 25 million. Contrary to his openly stated assertion that he would never settle any law suits outside the courtrooms. 



Eric Trump his second son and co-Head of Trump Organization hosts an annual golf event on his family owned plush golf course in Westchester County, New York. The proceeds from this event are donated to the well-known pediatric hospital, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. To date he has donated some eleven million dollars for this cause, majority of those funds are raised from sales, subscriptions, endorsements and donations from that annual golf event. At the same time he has raised additional $ 25M through events held with the collaboration of other charities. According to Eric Trump best part is that funds are maximized owing to efficiency and least cost incurred, the golf course used is family owned therefore no charges are paid for organizing this charity event.

On the contrary facts belie such tall claims, $ 1.2M was paid to the golf course without a record. Similarly, experts who have experience of holding golfing events deny costs incurred claims of Trump. 

In addition to this the Donald J Trump Foundation, which has come under scrutiny in the past owing to receiving funds from their namesake foundation for advancing Donald Trump Foundation agenda. Apparently some $ 100,000 went from Eric’s foundation to Donald’s foundation, these were donations that were meant for children’s hospital. Likewise, some $ 500,000 was redirected from donation for children’s hospital to other charities run and managed by other members of the Trump family and friends. At least four of those charities also held golfing events at the same Trump owned golf course. Incomes thus generated were not declared and taxes were paid, in total contrast and contravention to the federal tax laws.

Amazingly, Donald Trump Foundation was never known for any philanthropy, so much so that during the period from 2009 to 2014 not a single penny was donated to any charity.

Outsiders still made donations and a smattering of some 200 odd charities got their funds from donations collected by Eric Trump. Interestingly, Eric transferred those collected funds to charities as if it were his own contributions.

These golfing events, charity funds collections were used for furthering their family business interests, for example he claimed that usual expenditure incurred had swelled from $ 46,000 annually since 2009 to $142,000 in one year, this tripling of expenditure couldn’t be explained.  



Trump bought a 14 story building on prime real estate facing New York’s City Central Park. The plan was to tear down the building and replace it with luxury condos, to achieve his goal he had to have the occupant tenants evicted, to achieve his ambitions he coerced tenants into vacation using some terrifying methods.

Initially he cut off heating and hot water supply to the apartments in freezing New York cold. Proposed to house and shelter homeless people in those upscale apartments, to avoid such sinister moves by Trump the occupants filed law suits against him, those law suits lasted five years.

The next even more ominous move he made was buying out a hotel and a neighboring rent stabilizing building on 100 Central Park South. He applied for demolition of the building and changed the building manager, the management was entrusted to “Citadel Management Company”, and the company specialized in relocating tenants. When the tenants resisted these forced eviction orders, odd methodology was adopted. Concessions granted by previous owners for making amendments to the structures built were forthwith withdrawn. The notices served to tenants required them to undo those changes within twelve days, something that was almost impossible.

Rodent infestations were reported by the tenants, clearly pointing at the ill will of the new owner, those of them who still resisted were embroiled in unjustified litigation, cases such as nonpayment of rent etc. though most had already paid off their rents. Judges were particularly harsh at Trump for these frivolous cases.



In summer of 1980 undocumented Polish immigrants were used as labour to clear future site of famous Trump Tower on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue. The labour was made to work 12 hours every day at really low wages.  Both the wages and living conditions of the labour were subpar. All these illegal immigrants filed law suits against him, to clear this mess Trump hired Daniel Sullivan a labour consultant, an FBI informant and a future employee of “Teamsters Union”. Sullivan, testified before courts that Trump confided to him of having employed illegal workforce. Albeit, Trump to this day refutes these allegations

Although, documents lying with the law authorities belie this claim of innocence on part of Trump. Trump, on his part claimed that he hired contractors to do the job and those contractors in return hired sub-contractors for employees’ selection and he had no role to play. On the contrary, Polish workforce maintained that he often visited them and assured them to compensate them for low wages from his own pocket. In some cases he did make good the difference of low wages paid to all such illegal immigrants.



It is alleged that Trump paid Barnes & Noble some $ 55,000 to buy copies of his own book, the funds, this move is illegal if it is proved that the author got royalty from the sales of the book.

It was further alleged that Trump gifted his other book “Crippled America” How to make America great again. This book was distributed as gift to all participants at the Republican National Convention.



There is a very interesting book by David Leonhardt and Stuart A Thompson, “Trump Lies”. The book discusses in detail Trump’s lying habits. It is discussed that he in order to save himself from the blushes of his  earlier stated position once he deviated he would try to extricate himself by changing his stance altogether.

This mendacious behavior doesn’t earn him any favorable accolades. People often say that people should get inured to his changing stances whenever he is pushed to the corner. During his campaign he and his men with often speak disproven falsehoods regarding sizes of the gatherings, there wasn’t much he could dissemble about.



Trump over the period has pushed his son in law Jared Kushner and his daughter Melania Trump in serious foreign policy issues. To the extent that when Chief of US Armed Forces Staff visited Iraq for final discussions about future one uninvited guest on his plane was Kushner. Though Kushner by training or education doesn’t boast of good foreign relations knowledge.

It is generally believed that Kushner now eclipses nearly all Trump’s west Wing and cabinet advisers in terms of influence and has established himself as the key envoy for those who are outside the administration.

Kushner is also managing government reforms effort and spearheading criminal justice reform. Most agencies and their personnel are quite unhappy at this unjustified interference in their jobs.Kushner independently established joint business relations with Mexico.

Kushner’s Russian connection is also under the scanner, he met with Sergey Kislyak Russian ambassador to Washington and head of Russian state owned bank Sergey Gorkov, of course nobody in the administration knew about the agendas of these two meetings. It is believed these meetings Kushner conducted to know about the right connections in the Russian political system.

Kushner has been given role in future in future ties with North America, the Middle East and China. Kushner is supposedly the key conduit between Americans and their Chinese counterparts. Though this comes under conflict of interest as Kushner has business ties in China.

During election campaign Hilary Clinton accused Trump of being self-centered and ignorant of national interests’ one accusation to which Trump pleaded guilty. She accused him of being cheerful in housing crisis he said it was business, she accused him of tax fraud he said it was smart to evade taxes lawfully. She accused him of declaring false bankruptcies to avoid payments to creditors for him it was his knowledge of the law of the land and how to use it to his benefit.



Trump used racist remarks in at least 56 of his tweets, oddly his targets on most occasions were African American origin people. He openly accused Barak Obama of being racist, called the movie “Django Unchained” as most racist movie he had ever seen. Though movie was about a freed black American slave.

It is believed his father Fred Trump was arrested in 1926 for demonstrating for Ku Klux Klan, KKK, when confronted Trump denied these charges and said his family never resided at that address, though later it was proved his family indeed were living in that address.

In 1973 he was accused of discriminatory housing, as only whites for him could rent his owned properties.

1989 – Central Park Five case, a jogger was raped allegedly by five black youth of the vicinity, Trump gave a full page ad in the paper that those boys did not deserve any clemency. Though later the boys were found innocent.

2010s birtherism, he accused Obama of being born in Kenya, to which Obama proved his place of birth Florida, to this date he doesn’t accept Obama’s birth certificate.

2016 Called Mexicans as rapists.

2016  Curiel Gonzalo a judge of the Mexican descent  was hearing a case against his university  but he said the judge should be stopped from hearing that case as he was a Mexican.



Trump is well known for believing in conspiracy theories. He accused Obama of wiretapping his campaign headquarters though later investigations proved into the matter proved Trump wrong.

He once accused Ted Cruz’s father to be involved with Lee Harvey Oswald, an absolute baseless claim.



It was generally believed by many that Russians cyber attacked the American presidential election and Trump was directly or indirectly involved in it. Trump has always maintained opaque financial and business relations with Russians, these ties could be perilous.Russian oligarchs with relations with Putin have had special interest in Trump owned properties, there are many such cases. At least ten such oligarchs are said to have been identified.

These Russian business connections are said to have been used for money laundering, Trump is said to have paid $10M as money laundering fine imposed on his Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City.  Several of his other companies are also linked with Russian money laundering racket. He is well known for banking with Deutsche Bank and Bank of Cyprus, both these banks are known for dealing with Russian money laundering oligarchs.



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10 Well Known Dark Secrets of American President Donald Trump

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