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10 Millennial Women Entrepreneurs Who Started From A Scratch Will Inspire You To Become One

According to a survey more than 1,000 Millennial women, more than 50% people said they never discuss personal finances with friends.”

Some of them were of the view that it is even more challenging to be stressed for money matter every single day. This series of real-time stories is about the 10 Millennial women who have been doing great with hard earned money and why and how they earned and started. There’s a thought that money should make you feel empowering not intimidating.

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#10 Samantha Salmon, 30, Health Coach

Samantha Salmon’s story is wonderful and inspirational. What she says

“I started my health coaching business as a complement to my juice bar business I had for six years in Chicago. I experienced my grandma suffering on hospice care due to complications from diabetes, and my mission with my business is to help others not go through the pain I witnessed and experienced with my grandma’s death. I’ve been certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and they have really given me not only the tools to grow my business into the dream business I want to manifest, but also an amazingly large and ever-growing support network. My advice to fellow entrepreneurs is to have a mission, and be ridiculously passionate about making a major difference in your community with that mission. That passion will pull you through the inevitable challenges.”

#9 Dawn Roberts, 28, Dawn Roberts Consulting

You can become a consultant like Dawn Roberts. What she says is itself an inspiration.

“I’m a business owner/entrepreneur of a consulting company, Dawn Roberts Consulting. My background is in engineering — I spent several years as a petroleum engineer in the oil industry, where I discovered my talent and passion for lean thinking. When I realized there was a market need for my talent and passion, as well as how much I could potentially enjoy running my own business, I jumped in! My niche is business and personal efficiency — specifically, process streamlining, complex problem solving, efficient mindset development, and value leakage/waste removal. I’ve saved well over $6 million in efficiency improvement projects I’ve worked on thus far. I’ve also developed a 4-week online class targeted at empowering individuals to be more productive and effective, delivering a higher volume of value-based activities. Owning my own business allows me independence to my schedule, opens immense levels of creativity, and enables me to really drive my career in ways that aren’t possible working for a large oil company. I also get a lot of joy helping others succeed in their careers and businesses. Also, I reinvest any savings and proceeds directly back into my business to grow it.”

#8 Kathrin Zenkina, 24, Manifestation Babe

This amazing story will inspire you.

“I started Manifestation Babe as a hub on Instagram last year to share some of my favorite inspirational quotes with anyone willing to follow. The account grew at such an insanely high speed that I knew I was onto something. It was a side hustle I started in February of 2016 that is now my full-time career making five-figure months. Since then, it’s evolved into a personal development brand filled with online courses, 1:1 mindset coaching, and a thriving online community. I’ve always had a passion for teaching women how to manifest the lives of their wildest dreams. Being able to help women move past their limitations, unlock the path to their highest potential, and watching them transform before my eyes has definitely been the most rewarding part of creating the Manifestation Babe brand.”

#7 Tennile Cooper, 31, She Is Epic

This is how you should start when you already have decided to.

“The day came when I got tired of saying I wanted to start a business. I made a decision to just do it instead of talking about it, so I wouldn’t have regrets in my senior citizen years. The next thing I had to do was evaluate my existing skills and see if what I could do is a service people need — and then created She Is Epic, my copywriting business. Anyone starting out or wanting to leap, first take a self-assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. To make money in your business faster, know what you thrive at and outsource the rest.”

#6 Ivanna Diaz, 25, Avon

“I originally chose Avon as a side gig in college (when I was 18) because it was something I could do that was flexible around my school schedule. I was able to run my own business as I pleased, while still being focused on my studies — I used my earnings to pay for my books, parking permits, and extra cash for going out with friends. By the time I was 22 and graduated, I had a solid Avon customer base and built a team of representatives. I saw that it provided me with more opportunities and earnings than any other place could give me, so I continued to grow my business and share the opportunity with others; I worked my business part-time and made enough to pay my bills, travel expenses, and Disneyland passes. Now that I am getting married in less than a few months, I have transitioned my Avon business to full-time and have made enough to almost pay for my entire wedding! While looking to start a side gig or your own business, I recommend taking time to evaluate yourself and your goals before jumping in: Why are you starting? What are you looking to gain? What are your strongest skills and interests? Finding the perfect side gig may take time, but it’s worth it — it may turn into your full-time business venture!”

#5 Kristin Berry, 29, Miss Design Berry

“I started Miss Design Berry when I first moved to NYC. Even though I had a great job, I still needed extra money to pay the bills and have money left over! Being a graphic designer, I opened up an Etsy shop in 2012 and started selling my services, like logo design, illustration, and some wedding items. I quickly realized that the wedding products were selling faster than any others, and my illustration style lent itself perfectly to the designs. Jump forward two years later and I ended up hiring my first part-time employee — and in July of 2015, I left my ad agency job to pursue Miss Design Berry full-time. I love it SO much. Although every day is a challenge and it’s a lot more unpredictable, I can honestly say I have the absolute dream job. I now work at home and have over 20 women who work for me remotely — allowing them the possibility to earn an income while still being there for their families. We have become our own creative community, and support and encourage each other! My advice? Start now. Take any small steps you can! You don’t have to wait for some grand moment like quitting your job or getting investment money to get something started. A business that gradually builds is actually an incredible blessing because it allows you to take everything step-by-step, not all at once.”

#4 Karina Ramos, 23, The Voyage Society

“I started The Voyage Society as a side hustle at the beginning. I dropped out of college twice and knew that my calling was to do more. Help more people. I began doing business consultations while still working my 9-5, and was lucky enough to start getting booked right away through a lot of word-of-mouth. It was hard balancing my full-time job with my side hustle for sure, but eventually my business got to the point where I couldn’t do both — and I chose to build my own dream over someone else’s.”

#3 Morgan Canclini-Mitchell, 29, two|pr

“I started my publicity firm after working in the entertainment business for almost a decade. When I launched my company, two|pr, I had made enough contacts in the industry that I was fairly certain I could be successful on my own. When I’d worked at a large firm, the steady paycheck was nice, the benefits were OK, and my corner office was beautiful — but I ultimately realized that creating my own schedule (no more asking for vacation days), working with clients I believed in, and the flexible work environment were much more of what I desired. I’d rather be in a co-working space any day of the week now, and when I need a sick day or vacation — guess what? I take one! And I like being my own boss — it frees me from the fear of my financial security being on the line (when working for someone else), and to be able to really focus on giving my best to my clients.”

#2 Maggie Germano, 29, Financial Coach For Women

“I started my business as a certified financial education instructor and financial coach for women for a few reasons. I was feeling unfulfilled in my day job, and was looking for work that I was really passionate about. At the same time, I was involved in several women’s organizations in the D.C. area. An issue that I heard coming up from all types of women from all walks of life was financial insecurity. As a personal finance nerd myself, I started to offer my expertise and support to women I was meeting. After seeing the difference I was making in women’s lives, I realized I’d found my passion, and decided to launch my business as a financial coach. One piece of advice I would give others is to keep at it. It can be scary to make a big transition or leap, but you should push through that fear. Make sure to also reach out to others for support. You don’t have to go it alone!”

#1 Jess Ekstrom, 25, Headbands Of Hope

“I was inspired to start my company when I was in college after I interned at a wish-granting organization for kids with life-threatening illnesses. I saw that a lot of them loved to wear headbands after hair loss. Therefore, I founded Headbands of Hope. For every headband sold, one is given to a child with cancer. To date, we’ve donated over 100,000 headbands and reached every children’s hospital in America and six countries.”

These 10 have been most inspiring women. They dreamed big and started from a scratch. Now they are ruling their specific domains like queens.

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10 Millennial Women Entrepreneurs Who Started From A Scratch Will Inspire You To Become One

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