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15 Best Excuses To Stay In With Pizza And Netflix

Everyone can admit to making up an excuse every once in a while to cancel on social plans and just stay in to order a giant cheesy pizza and pig out watching your latest series. However, sometimes trying to find an excuse is pretty tricky so we’ve decided to help you out and let you know we do not judge you one bit!

You Have A Dominoes Voucher

good excuses for homework

Buy one get one free, 50% off or even a free side, these offers are the best and not to be missed! They’re pretty much a golden ticket so get it while you can.

Your 30 Day Netflix Trial Is Nearly Run Out

good excuses for school

You need to make the most of those precious free days so any good friend would understand you cancelling to really get your money’s worth!

Your Work Colleague Keeps Doing Spoilers

good excuses to avoid homework

Say your colleague keeps giving away what happens next in your favourite series so in order for them not to spoil it you HAVE to stay in and watch the entire series, sounds legit right?

Your Netflix Pause Button Is Broken

unique excuses to avoid school

If your Netflix pause button is broken then there is literally nothing you can do but sit and watch it, oops.

You’re Doing Cultured Research

excuses that work imgur gifs

If you’re educating your spell and doing research, then this can’t be argued with. Just so happens you might be learning about what prison life is like or about some crazy deep sea species.

It’s Date Night

excuses to watch netflix

No one can get in the way of date night, and when your friend asks who you’re on a date with you can say it’s complicated. Technically is it, you’re stuck in a love triangle of you, Netflix and food?

You Didn’t Realise What Day It Was

good excuses that work reddit gifs

If you are a true Netflix lover this might of actually happened a few times, we blame the series and movies for being too good that we can spend days on end hooked on the shows.

Your Pizza Goes Out Of Date Tomorrow…

good excuses that work tumblr

Who could argue with this? There is nothing sadder than a gone off pizza or the idea of wasting pizza. If your friend doesn’t think this is good enough, then they aren’t a real friend.

You Have A Contagious Addiction

unique excuses to stay at home

You don’t have to mention the contagious addiction is in fact for Netflix chaining and takeaways, sounds much more serious that it actually is.

You’re Stuck In Bed

honest excuses tumblr gif

After eating a large pizza (or three), you might actually be physically stuck in bed, squashed under your food baby so this one is pretty legit.

You Promised To Spend Time With Your Pet

unique excuses tumblr gif

Quality time with your pet always comes first, and those puppy eyes will always win! Everyone loves their pets more than anything so any normal person wouldn’t completely appreciate this one.

Pretend To Be Asleep

reasonable excuses tumblr

There is nothing wrong with an afternoon nap that turns into a 8-hour nap and completely missing all texts from your friends, right?

Last Minute Babysitting

best excuses tumblr gifs

Umm, I need to babysit my neighbours dog… Would that count? Either way this is a pretty believable excuse and technically you’d be babysitting your laptop and a pizza box!

Up Early The Next Day

good excuses to miss work for a week

This is always classic, whether it’s work, plans with family or an appointment; if all else fails to stick to this.

Just Invite Your Friends Round To Join You

best excuses ever

Hey, if all you want is a chill night then there is no need to cancel plans, just rearrange them to being a chill night doing your favourite thing with your favourite people.

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15 Best Excuses To Stay In With Pizza And Netflix

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