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What Really Made President So Disappointed Over GOP Bill?

Mr. President has been deeply disappointed with the GOP. Read the full story to know why.

President Donald Trump says that he has been very “deeply disappointed” by the collapse of the GOP effort to rewrite former President Barack Obama’s “Obamacare.”

President told the reporters that during a lunch with service members this Tuesday the Republicans have been talking for many years to repeal and replace “Obamacare,” but they have disappointed him.


Trump says it’s time to “Let Obamacare fail,” and “I’m not going to own it.”

Furthermore, letting Obamacare fail will ultimately impact Democrats to come forward and negotiate on the table.

President also opines that he does not blame the Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for the very “decision” as the two or more Republican senators to come out against the legislation, always killing the bill to their best.


After the failure of the Senate GOP health care bill, President Trump said, “let Obamacare fail,” and blamed the Democrats. But it’s a difficult argument to make when Republicans control the White House and both houses of Congress, and after he promised again and again that he would get it done. Chip Reid reports.


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  1. I don’t understand if he’s the number 45 but he’s only willing to work with his party then it goes to show that he’s one-sided he’s supposed to be the people’s president not just one-sided so if he’s willing to let this play out and didn’t have the Democrats run to him like a little puppy dog what kind of President do they show that we have none in my opinion repeal they tried twice and I talking about if something negative Every Time Out of This president’s mouth in my opinion it’s just negativity he never try to bring the whole United States together and then what happened on that ball field how in the world are we going to ever see eye-to-eye if the commander-in-chief is such a Negative person in his comments out word that the American people can see sit within your immediate circle your cabinet but not out in public I don’t have no faith in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at all

  2. You may win but we the people will lose and you are set to make sure we lose. You haven’t a real clue and the AHC …. let it fail? sure let people do with out good health care don’t work together to fix what isn’t working. It’s so sad that it has to be us or them either, why can’t it be for the good of all???

    1. You dumbass what are you happy about you going to pay more money now everything’s going up or you just stupid you’re actually happy the premium is going up. This gentleman that needs a blood transfusion him he’s having a hard time because Obama care won’t pay for it now stupid.

  3. Lmfao!! The Republicans fail to pass their own health bill twice, as a matter of fact the second time it didn’t even going to vote, but Jack ass Trump thinks that the Democrats are going to come to the Republicans for advice on Health? Laughing my fucking ass off!!

  4. Mr. President I know this is unlike you I know if it was your business you would’ve handled it much differently you need to kick their ass and fight and take some strong actions of what these idiots are doing they want to just to go spite you it’s not Obama care they give a shit about they want to just to get back at you and you know that, they’re not hurting you and hurting the public the people who count on coverage that’s who they’re hurting

  5. Mayb if he would work on uniting all people instead of his divisive rhetoric he could get something accomplished. But he’s just a stubborn old white “man” child who can’t get out of his own way

  6. A quick screen shot. What in the heck is this? His face is orange, his eyes are grey, his roots are grey and his hair is brass blond. And check out the evil eye from 45.5. BTW, he’s looking more too.

  7. He is just piss off because he’s still a failure and it’s really killing him ,like who was gonna even pass that bullshit trumpcare bill anyway ,even his own party saw it was bullshit also , so who is this asshole Kidding !!

    1. Yeah he’s super Lolo Super Schmuck? Unqualified ConArtist with Sheep ? that follow thinking he will make you rich!! Yes it’s true he loves his stupid Voters! One would think by now they would know all he wanted was to get out of debt! Bully was cash Poor no-more That’s to his BBF Putin!

    1. We need Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth now more than at any time in our history!

      The Lasso of Truth is a fictional weapon wielded by DC Comics superheroine Wonder Woman, Princess Diana of Themyscira. It is also known as the Magic Lasso or the Lasso of Hestia. It was created by William Moulton Marston, inventor of the lie detector, as an allegory for feminine charm.
      Created by‎: ‎William Moulton Marston‎
      First appearance‎: ‎Sensation Comics #6 (June 1942)‎

  8. Heeeeeeeeyyyyyy youuuuuuuu guuuuuuuyyyyys
    You control ever last branch of the government if shits not getting done I’m pretty sure it’s you not them ….. and letting it fail( rather strategically decimating it from the inside out )
    sounds like a great plan to me …….. ‍♀️ screw people out of healthcare to be a vengeful dick makes you look bad not the democrats you moronic man baby!

  9. Because your a greedy fucker An it’s not about health care for you it’s all about money an more money for you An your lil gay rich buddies how this nation voted you in is beyond me but you lost the popularity vote big time all your doing is trying to destroy An sabotage everything Obama did cause your a raciest useless lil man!!! RESIST NODAPL WaterIsLife mni wiconi NativeRights nativetreaties native land

  10. My thought: prepare for disappointment you flaccid ignorant idiot. I can’t wait for the huge mistake of you “heading” anything more than a wind-up toy on a plastic track to be rectified. Stick a lolly in your ear and go to bed.

  11. I write health insurance and for the last 3 years EVERYONE (dems and rep) has complained that the deductibles and premiums have gone through the roof. In Sarasota fl you have 1 health care provider choice because the other carriers left florida. Obama care is a failure and really needs at least an overhaul or it will self implode.

  12. Lying Traitor Idiot, The Only U Want To Help Is Yourself, Parasites n Rich Crooked Cronies Get Richer. Freaking Trump U Could Care Less of The Middle Class n Poor – It’s All About Ur Freaking Greedy Ambition – LOCK HIM UP FOR TREASON… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF THIS LYING TRAITOR – THE ONLY THAT’S DOING THE OBSTRUCTION IS YOU N YOUR GREEDY CRONIES…

    1. He is not and will NEVER be a great President. He is an embarrassment to this entire Country, and so are all of his supporters. If you ever wanna know what people think about you, just ask ? You’ll find only other Trump supporters can stand to listen to you.

  13. We are all very disappointed. #rump has not been arrested yet!!!! ##rump is still our non-president. A traitor is still running our country. The republicans have refused to fix ObamaCare and call it RepublicansCare Insurance. Oh, the list is too long. Anyway, we are BIGILY Disappointed Today!!!!!!

  14. ahww maybe the Russians will be willing to help you pass the ACA you did it so successfully in the last presidential elections you did not even win a single debate with Hillary but you pulled it through you powered it through and you never got disappointed

  15. You fucking idiotic moron…defeating ISIS ISIS is not even concerned with America now! They are enjoying watching your cheethead destroy us for them! They are busy killing Muslims in Iraq and other countries! Go fuck yourself you worthless excuse for a human being!

  16. Perhaps if you’d take the parts out that lined the rich people’s pockets and made it cover everyone it would work? Instead of being a Thief and scumbag try to do the Right Thing Mr Trump! You don’t deserve to be called President! That title is earned! You’re a joke!

  17. You can see I say nothing, more & bigger, better than anyone before. Everyone wants to talk about things; so many things, ya know?!; too many things. The world will see this & understand this is the way, simplicity, the best way towards winning. Winning so much.

  18. Several minutes of my life I can’t get back. Listening to him yammering and saying nothing. Also spent some of my attention on watching Pence’s fake expression of concern and support, when you know he’s really thinking “what an idiot” and “can’t wait to take his seat”. Also wondering about that “hair wave” over Trump’s ear. Who keeps thinking that’s a good idea?

  19. Also you are the one that has the problem with Obama. I can’t leave out your trusty knife cutter Paul Ryan. Him and social security disability going to college on his father’s benefits. Now he’s against everyone that missed placed pronoun. It was good for him and he got what he wanted. Now he’s in such a hurry to hurt other people. To all the Democrat and Republicans that are fighting saint it continue and stay together on that issue. Trump you’ll get over it, if you had put it in ave first, then there went be any issues. Stay off Twitter at night, you might get some sleep

  20. Why does it seem like in every video Mike “I am Jesus ” Pence is always looking at tRUMP like you’re doing ok buddy, don’t say anything stupid, you got it, you can do it little guy…. You gotta love Mike “electrocute the homo out of them” Pence.

  21. Just like when the DEMOCRATS had control of congress, senate AND the white house and didn’t give us single payer. They are all slaves to the lobbyists and use the opposition to ensure that nothing changes. Don’t know what President Trump can do to change this rotten system we are trapped in.

  22. He’s disappointed because the GOP HEALTHCARE PLAN, which would be disastrous to the peolple of this country did not pass. I am disappointed that this piece of and his administration have been/will continue to be disastrous to our country.

What Really Made President So Disappointed Over GOP Bill?

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