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50 Wendy’s Twitter Roast Burns Will Never Get Old

Wendy’s twitter is the twitter handle million of followers wait for updates. Even if Wendy’s is not your favorite food chain you’d still love their epic twitter roasts. Wendy’s has gone viral for the past couple of years due to their savage twitter roasts of corporations, popular food chains and even people at times. We always wondered who runs Wendys’ twitter. Amy Brown’s one quick tweet reshuffled the whole game. The best comebacks started when she replied to a dumb tweet made by a random twitter troll and her response was epic. Since then they have not stopped.

Amy Brown is no longer part of the Wendy’s burger joint but her one tweet changed the whole game. The twitter users have seen it all Wendy’s vs McDonald’s, Wendy’s Vs iHop (when they changed the name), Wendy’s vs Burger King to name a few.

#1 Wendy’s on Star Wars

best wendy's tweets 2019
wendy’s twitter

#2 Schrute Bucks And Wendy’s

best wendy's tweets 2019-12

#3 Wendy’s is Not Broke

best wendy's tweets 2018
Wendy’s Twitter

#4 Veggietales Hates Wendy’s – clears throat ahem. SHOTS FIRED

best wendy's tweets 2018-2

#5 Wendy’s on McDonald’s – The shade in this wendy’s tweet lol

best wendy's tweets 2017-32

#6 Wendy’s Vs McDonalds
Someone has to pick the low hanging fruit

best wendy's tweets 2017-2

#7 Be sure to use the app

best wendy's tweets 2017

#8 Wendy’s on Mcdonalds Ice Cream Machine

best wendy's tweets 2018-9

#9 Wendy’s square by all means

best wendy's tweets 2018-6

#10 Wendy’s Roasting People

best wendy's tweets 2018-6

#11 Wendy’s is a team player sometimes

best wendy's tweets 2019-4

#12 Wendy’s vs Fortnite

best wendy's tweets 2018-3

#13 Wendy’s on frozen McDonald’s beef “Refrigerators exist, ya know? “

best wendy's tweets 2017-0
Wendy’s Twitter

#14 This how Wendy’s reply on national roast day

best wendy's tweets 2019-3

#15 Wendy’s dont cut corners

best wendy's tweets 2019-3

#16 Wendy’s vs Burger King

best twitter roasts-2
Wendys on Twitter

#17 Wendy’s once again on McDonalds

wendys twitter reddit-0

#18 Wendy’s advice

wendys troll ihop

#19 You asked for it once again

wendys vs ihob-5
Wendys Twitter

#20 Does Wendy’s sleep

wendys vs ihob-2

#21 If you don’t have wendy’s around your location what should you do?

wendys vs ihob
Wendys Twitter

#22 Never say never again

best twitter roasts-1

#23 Wendy’s twitter account on pick up lines

best twitter roasts-3
Wendys Twitter

#24 Wendy’s advice on relationships

savage wendy's tweets ihop-3

#25 When it is a roast day and you ask Wendy’s twitter account about McDonalds here is what you should expect

savage wendy's tweets ihop-1

Wendys Twitter

#26 Want to be roasted by Wendy’s find a suitable way to have it

savage wendy's tweets ihop

#27 Wendy’s prefer round burgers

wendy's vs taco bell twitter

#28 How much does a Big Mac cost?

wendy's vs taco bell twitter-4

#29 Thats how Wendy’s lets you win

wendy's vs taco bell twitter-6
Wendys Twitter

#30 Seriously who runs Wendy’s twitter account

reddit all rising-0
Source Wendys Twitter

#31 Battling Wendy’s

wendys twitter reddit-6
Wendy’s Twitter Account

#32 Run ASAP

wendys twitter reddit-7
Wendy’s twitter

#33 Wendy’s beef is always fresh

wendys twitter reddit-9
wendys twitter

#34 Wendy’s counseling

wendys twitter reddit-8

#35 Wendy’s vs taco bell

reddit all rising-1

#36 Delete your account

reddit all rising-5

#37 krusty krab

reddit all rising-8

#38 Once more they don’t cut corners and this where you get the square food

reddit all rising-9

#39 Wendy’s rating McDonalds

who runs wendys twitter-8

#40 Wendy’s clapback

who runs wendys twitter-0

#41 Wrong Number

who runs wendys twitter

#42 What’s the best thing at McDonald’s according to Wendy’s

wendys best roasts-43-09

#43 Wendy’s and BBC Earth

wendys best roasts-48

#44 The recipe of Big Mac

wendys best roasts-2019

#45 McRefund

wendys best roasts-2019

#46 Nuggestfail

wendys best roasts-43

#47 When you call wendy’s a liar

wendys roasting people-6

#48 McDonald’s is tagged here like number of early tweets

wendys roasting people-4

#49 What is better than McDonald’s according to Wendy’s

wendys roasting people-2

#50 What’s a good decision making according to Wendy’s

wendys roasting people

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50 Wendy’s Twitter Roast Burns Will Never Get Old

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