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15 True Crime Conspiracy Theories That Will Creep You Out

The following article contains some scariest true crime conspiracy theories. Though we can still enjoy them as they are still theories.

1. Jon Bennett Ramsey’s dad was a part of the Illuminati:

It has been revealed that Jon Bennett’s death was the result of a sacrifice made to the Illuminati. This happened only because her name was similar to an Illuminati term for the devil ‘Jon-bet’.

2. Ted Bundy was encouraged to carry out his murders by a demon:

Al tough he was a terrible and scary person but he told in his interviews that he was possessed when he committed all the murders. Even his girlfriend was witness to this phenomenon.

3.Prominent Men gather at the Bohemian Grove to do Unspeakable Acts:

In the Redwoods of California there`s a giant camp-site and few know what actually happens here. Though there are are rumours of demonic worship and sacrifices being carried out here.


4. The Sodder Children did not Die in the House Fire:

Out of the nine Sodder children five of them disappeared after a fire consumed their family house. But it is believed that they were kidnapped instead of being burnt in the fire. This rumor further deepens as their remains have not been found.


5. Elisa Lam was possessed by a Demon before Her Death in 2013:

There are a number of theories regarding her strange behavior prior to her death. But the most frightening is the theory of her being possessed by a demon.


6. The Government was involved in the Assassination of Martin Luther King:

Though the FBI sent a number of anonymous letters, very threatening, to Martin Luther before his death. But no evidence  has been found of their involvement in the crime.


7. Novelist Micheal Peterson’s wife, was killed by an Owl:

Kathleen Peterson died after falling from the staircase. But a strange theory appeared few years later, that she had been attacked by an owl before her stair case fall.

8. Johnny Go sch is still alive But lives under Another Name:

A 12 year old paper boy in Iowa was kidnapped and never found again. And the scariest part is that his mom claims that he has come to visit her though no one else has seen him.

9. The Dyatlov Pass incident:

In the northern Ural mountains of Russia, nine hikers died in mysterious circumstances, in 1959. Investigation showed that their tents had been torn from the inside though their bodies showed no signs of struggle.

1o. Child _Prostitution ring in Nebraska serving US politicians:

Known as the Franklin Credit Union Scandal though this allegation has been ruled out by the Grand Jury, its still a very terrifying and disgusting thought.

11. Ted Cruz`s father assisted in the assassination of John-F-Kennedy:

Ted Cruz’s father had been seen in a photo with JFK’s assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Therefore it is concluded that he must have assisted Harvey in his master-plan.

12.Stephen King killed John Lennon:

Some of the believers of this theory are of the view that Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan secretly communicated with Stephen King to kill John Lennon.

13.DB Cooper is alive and living in San Diego under the name of Robert Rackstraw:

This is one of the unsolved air piracies in the American aviation histories when Cooper hijacked a plane in Oregon in 1971, took the ransom and than disappeared never to be found again.

14. Charles Manson’s killings were a social experiment ordered by the CIA:

Chuck Schlund found the ‘Don Bolles Papers’ which tell about CIA’s involvement in the Manson Family’s killings. He further claimed that just to show that the government is right these protesters were shown as satanists and evil.

15. Courtney Love was responsible for the death of Kurt Cobain:

Though its commonly known that Cobain committed suicide but many believe that Love either took hired help or planned with her nanny to kill Cobain.

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15 True Crime Conspiracy Theories That Will Creep You Out

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