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Lies That Sci-Fi Films Have Convinced Us Are Real

Sci-Fi is one of the biggest genres in cinema having spanned some great films such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien and many more that will go down in the history of film. However, a lot of these films show things and tell us things that are down-right lies. We are here today to pick fact from fiction and let you know what your favourite sci-fi films have been lying to you about all this time.

In a lot of Sci-Fi films, you hear the sounds of lasers, ships or guns. However, there is no sound in space as sound needs something to bounce off and there are no such boundaries. So all these epic shootouts you see with the Millennium Falcon and Tie Fighters would be silent. In fact, the Tie Fighter’s famous noise would likely not exist to human ears.

Lies That Sci Fi Films Have Convinced Us Are Real SpaceWarfare

Asteroids aren’t anywhere near as scary and dangerous as Sci-Fi movies make them out to be, not in our Universe anyway. Asteroids are typically hundreds of thousands of miles apart, making it very unlikely that ships wouldn’t be able to navigate around them.

Lies That Sci Fi Films Have Convinced Us Are Real 2

In many Sci-Fi films when they accelerate “…to hyper speed” they should experience inertia (the feeling of being pulled back by acceleration or pushed forward by deceleration). Inertia is caused by any form of sudden force pulling mass in a direction.


Did you know your body wouldn’t exactly explode in space? Your liquids and everything would remain in your body. However, your lungs would explode from the air pulling out of them so quickly. So, yeah, no explosions of the body in space.

crying in space

First off, you CAN cry in space and secondly, they wouldn’t go and float around in the hull. Instead, they would form a sort of blob of gel that would stick to your face.


On nearly every other planet in our system, the gravity is far too strong or far too weak to have the same realistic level of gravity effects as Earth. So you’d either bounce off the surface with every step or you’d be crushed into the ground by the overpowering pull of gravity.

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Lies That Sci-Fi Films Have Convinced Us Are Real

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