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5 College Party Games You’ll Definitely Want To Play

When you go to a party, you don’t have to drink alcohol to have fun. There so many other ways to have a good time without getting intoxicated. Playing games at a party is an excellent idea because it allows you to bond with your friends.

Even if you choose to take alcohol, you can still have fun. Having a variety of fun activities at a part is what makes it memorable. You can ask your friends to suggest games they would enjoy so you incorporate inclusive games.

School is not all about books all the time. You should also make time for yourself and your friends. That is why writing services like are available. It is so that you can delegate your assignments and spend time cultivating your social life.

Many college students hardly have a social life because they spend all their time trying to achieve academic excellence. Remember that academic excellence without the right connections will not take you anywhere. You might have excellent grades, but you don’t know how to present your case to potential employers.

Social interactions teach you how to negotiate and interact with people around you. The incorporation of games ensures that your thinking capacity is challenged and this is how you grow.

Here are 5 amazing games that are ideal for party settings.

1.     Truth or Drink

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If everyone at the party uses alcohol, truth or drink is an excellent game to play. It’s a game where people choose to tell the truth or take a shot. To make this game safe, you should buy low-percentage alcohol so that people don’t get too intoxicated.

Alternatively, you can dilute the alcohol to ensure it’s not too concentrated. This will be fun because you’ll get the opportunity to learn new things about your friends.

2.     Scrabble

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If it’s a chill party, this word game is excellent. You can get different scrabble boards and play in groups. Each team can help each other come up with the best word combination. This game teaches students that team work helps them go far. You get to establish stronger friendships through such a fun game.

3.     Who am I?

unique games to play with friends

This is a game where one person stands at the front and draws something on the board. The people from the other team are tasks to guess who the person is. It could be a guessing game for celebrities, professions or anything that works for you as a group. It could even be guessing among yourselves to see how well you know each other.

4.     Truth or Dare

truth or dare

This is a very common game where a person decides if they want to tell the truth or to do a dare. It can be quite adventurous and fun. The best part is, you get to learn new things about each other.

5.     Spoons

comic style 2118785 1280 2This is a card game that requires about 3 to 13 participants. All you’ll need is a deck of cards and spoons. If it’s a large crowd, you can play multiple games simultaneously.


Parties are amazing opportunities to unwind, interact with friends and make new friends. Incorporating fun games ensures that you get to learn new things and bond with your college friends.

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5 College Party Games You’ll Definitely Want To Play

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