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20 Things You Never Knew You Could Make In A Microwave

If you’re in patient in the kitchen and love to find short cuts then this article is perfect for you. There are tons of things you make with a microwave that you would never have even thought of. Here we have put together 20 things you can make to speed up the cooking time on those tasty treats.


Yes, this is really a thing. These mini donuts only take roughly one minute and only need rice flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, sugar, milk and a drop of oil. Then smother with sprinkles, chocolate or anything you choose.


Simply pop your rashers in on some kitchen towel for crispy bacon in minutes.


These can be made to all your favourite flavours and finished in 3 minutes, gone are the days of waiting for hours for a cake to be baked! Yes you really can have your cake and eat it too.


For when you’re craving a warm gooey brownie but don’t want to leave the house, the microwave brownie is the ultimate solution. With very few ingredients all mixed together in a mug within 2 minutes you have your warm treat.

Scrambled Eggs

Simply mix your eggs, milk, seasoning and butter depending on how you like them and pop them in a microwave for a few minutes til they fluff up for a speedy nutritious breakfast.

Poached Eggs

If you want to be slightly healthier, then why not try poached eggs in a microwave? This is easier than doing it on a hob and you’ll have your protein breakfast in minutes.


Try a take in quiche without a pastry crust but with torn bread mixed with eggs, cheese, ham or even veggies for a speedy quiche. Not only is this fast and tasty but also very healthy.

French Toast

Simply microwave your bread and eggs then once it comes out boiling hot add some vanilla extract or cinnamon!


These can be made with any fillings of your choice with the key ingredients being egg whites and oats, why not try peanut butter and banana. This could even be eaten for breakfast.


For a healthier alternative to crisps why not slice sweet potato, beetroot, parsnip or kale thinly and microwave to make your own healthy crisps. Then add your fave seasoning such as balsamic vinegar or paprika.


Pop your peppers, mushrooms, chicken and what other ingredients you love on Mexican night all the cook in the trusty microwave and create this speedy meal.


This is a far shorted process than making risotto on a hob, here you just add your stock, veggies and rice and microwave until rich creamy risotto texture.


Mix your oats with fruit and milk or a milk substitute and microwave until warm and gooey with the fruit infusing the delicious breakfast.


All you need is cream cheese, lemon juice, egg, sugar and sour cream to recreate that indulgent taste of a baked New York cheese cake.

Cheese Muffin

Mix cheese, herbs, chives and eggs with some torn bread and microwave for a warm cheesey muffin. This can be a breakfast, lunch time, tea time or midnight treat.

Syrup Sponge

Simply make a your sponge in the microwave with those key simply ingrediants and smother in golden syrup for a warm, hearty dessert.

Jacket Potato

Stab your jacket potato and pop in the microwave for around 10 minutes on full! This can be done with sweet, white and even new potatoes. This saves cooking time hugely!!


Layer your nachos with cheese and simply microwave for a few seconds until the cheese is fully melted then add a generous dollop of sour cream, salsa and guacamole! Delicious!


Layer your salmon fillet with pesto, mayo, herbs, marinade or lemon and simply microwave until pink and flakey.


Quinoa is a new, hyped about health food and microwaving it will make this super easy and takes the intimidation out of what can be a slightly daunting health food.

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20 Things You Never Knew You Could Make In A Microwave

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