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Rescued Cat From Critical Situation Sleeps in Her New Doll Like Tiny Bed Every Night

This is Sophie, the cat that was a kitten once when rescued. She sleeps in her own mini version of human bed with comforting rotating sheets. The life had never been this easy for Sophie. She was rescued from a hoarding where she had to live in a small cage with many other kittens.

When she grew up to the age of 3 was adopted by Christiana Viscusi. All that Sophie wanted was to be with human parents most of the time.

During the first few days of her adoption, when her mom Christiana headed to bed she would go to sleep on the top of the dresser:

“I tried to see if she would sleep in our bed but she insisted on always sleeping on the dresser,” Christiana Viscusi, Sophie’s mom, told The Dodo. “So after a few nights I cleared off the dresser and put her bed there. She’s been going up to her bed when we go to bed ever since.”

Sophie’s mom says: “She gets up only once around 3 a.m. for a snack, then heads back up to her bed until my alarm goes off in the morning.” Viscusi added: “She sleeps there the entire night all tucked in.”

Sophie’s mom Christiana made her an Instagram account so the rest of the world can see her adorable sleeping habits, too.

Some people thought if her mom only makes her pose in the bed to take photos. Sophie really does sleep in her bed every single night, because all she wants is to be close to her parents.

Even though Sophie loved to be all cozy inside home, she absolutely loves going outside, too.

She is a smart cat who wants to be pictured perfect too.

But she loves her bed more than anything else. She might remember her past life. Now she has a caring family.

More info: Instagram|Sophie Loves Luna via The Dodo

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Rescued Cat From Critical Situation Sleeps in Her New Doll Like Tiny Bed Every Night

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