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This Photographer Uses Photoshop to illustrate his Dreams

Dreams are an incredibly strange human phenomena. Sometimes we can barely remember them, whereas other times they are so brilliantly vivid and mind-bendlingly confusing that we couldn’t possibly forget them. They can warp the fabric of your reality, taking you to strange places, and they can affect you so deeply that it can play on your mind all day.

Unfortunately, as distinctive as they may be, dreams are often impossible to describe. In attempting to do so, you can never quite capture the strange make-up of the dream world solely with language. There is a strong emotional and visual element to dreams that words can never directly convey.

However, this problem has been somewhat dealt with by Martin de Pasquale. Proving Photoshop isn’t purely used for making celebrities look like airbrushed Gods, Argentinian De Pasquale uses a mixture of the editing software along with his own photography to recreate his surreal dreams.

Speaking to CNN, the University of Buenos Aires graduate claims buying his very first professional digital camera “opened up a new world – the digital era”

Drawing on abstract states of consciousness de Pasquale claims “the essence of my photos is to visualize the physical impossible in a form of photo manipulation” – this is certainly evident in each of pieces.

De Pasquale states that “at night, when I go to sleep, is when I cannot disconnect my head and stop thinking. That creative moment I try to reflect in a photograph”

We can all sympathise with this notion. The strange 15 minutes as we first begin to enter the realm of sleep – when we are perfectly relaxed but still slightly conscious – is perhaps when our mind’s eye sees things most vividly.

However he wishes to stress that, although he infuses his work so heavily with technology, he does not wish to become reliant on it: “I am a very basic person, and when I see people so dependent on technology, it seems strange to me”

When asked about the future of digital art, he responded “the ideas are what they are, and what they are worth”. Clearly, he recognises that the creativity of the human mind is far more important the techniques created by it.

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This Photographer Uses Photoshop to illustrate his Dreams

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