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10 Celebrities With Alleged Mafia Connections

Show business has always been a lucrative industry, surrounded by glamour, money and often organised crime.

You’d be surprised how many famous celebrities have been often strongly associated with the mafia…

  1. 1 Al Pacino

    10 Celebrities With Alleged Mafia Connections 1 10

    This doesn’t really come as much of a surprise. Having played both Michael Corleone in The Godfather franchise and the legendary Scarface, Al Pacino can not only convincingly play a mobster, but according he actually is one. According to Pacino has been heavily linked to the Genovese crime family which is one of the “five families” that dominates organised crime in New York City.

  2. 2 Frankie Valli

    10 Celebrities With Alleged Mafia Connections 2 10

    The famous leading man of the American rock and pop band The Four Seasons has also been associated with having mafia connections. Valli admitted “Where I grew up, in New Jersey, there was a lot of organised crime activity – it was a part of life”. In the 60s, mobsters were heavily connected with the clubs and other organisations in almost every major city. Naturally if you were making your way up the ladder at around that time, you’d certainly end up coming face to face with the mafia at some point.

  3. 3 Al Capone

    10 Celebrities With Alleged Mafia Connections 3 10

    Although not strictly a celebrity, real-life mafia Godfather Al Capone became one in his own right. Having ran the bustling city of Chicago for approximately 7 years, Capone eventually succumbed to the pressures of the law and was imprisoned for the only thing they could tie directly to him – tax evasion. Beforehand, Capone had been somewhat of a local hero, giving monetary aid to the poorer regions of Chicago.

  4. 4 James Caan

    10 Celebrities With Alleged Mafia Connections 4 10

    Having starred alongside Pacino in The Godfather as Sonny Corleone, James Caan also holds himself well on screen as the typical mafia type. However, in 2011 his associations appeared to be much more of a reality as he was notably tied to The Colombo crime family.  “Andy Mush” Russo was arrested along with numerous other mafia personal and Caan defended him in court, offering to pay his bail. After all, Russo is the godfather of Caan’s son.

  5. 5 Liza Minnelli

    10 Celebrities With Alleged Mafia Connections 5 10

    Actress and songstress Liza Minnelli has developed into the leading icon within the gay community. However, in complete opposition to such a post, she is once said to have dated fellow actor and low-level, rudimentary mafia member, Gianni Russo. Russo himself actually acted in The Godfather, but he was also the Colombo crime family representative for their dealings with Paramount Studios.

  6. 6 Joe Pesci

    10 Celebrities With Alleged Mafia Connections 6 10

    Although he didn’t appear The Godfather, Joe Pesci did appear in the almost equally mafia-drenched film, Goodfellas. This is yet another star to have alleged ties with the Genovese family. In a surprising turn of events, it is supposed that in 1982, previously mentioned James Caan actually hired mobsters to attack Joe Pesci for his refusal to settle an $8,000 hotel bill.

  7. 7 Elizabeth Hurley

    10 Celebrities With Alleged Mafia Connections 7 10 1

    This British beauty is perhaps one of the last people on earth anyone would suspect would be involved with the mafia. However, according to, Elizabeth Hurley has also been linked to the Colombo family. She is supposed to have been connected with family Capo Donnie “Shacks” Montemarono, who was at one point under FBI investigation for fixing college football games.

  8. 8 Marilyn Monroe

    10 Celebrities With Alleged Mafia Connections 8 10 1

    Often professed to be one of the most beautiful girls that has ever lives, Marilyn Monroe had her fair share of secrets – and her fair share of associates. From JFK to Arthur Miller, Monroe allegedly spent her very last night alive with mobster Sam Giancana. That night Giancana had repeatedly requested that she should not go public with her relationship with JFK. But somewhat coincidentally she committed suicide, and was found the very next day.

  9. 9 Frank Sinatra

    10 Celebrities With Alleged Mafia Connections 9 10

    Crooning legend Frank Sinatra was smooth, elegant, commanding and decisive. Perfect qualities for a life of organised crime. Sinatra’s uncle, Babe Garavante, was a member of the Moretti family and was eventually convicted of murder in 1921. Throughout his life, Ol’ Blue Eyes was often linked with numerous crime families including the Gambinos, the Genoveses and the Colombos.

  10. 10 Robert De Niro

    10 Celebrities With Alleged Mafia Connections 10 10

    Considering most of the cast of The Godfather appears to be only this list, it’d be a shame if he wasn’t here with them. Not only does he supposedly have established connections with the Gambinos, but Robert De Niro also spent time with renowned crook Anthony “Fat Andy” Ruggiano in preparation for his role in the 1999 flick Analyze This.

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10 Celebrities With Alleged Mafia Connections

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